Tag: Marketing

Feb 26

Surge in Political Ad Spending on Facebook and Instagram Signals Intensified Digital Campaigning

As the political landscape gears up for the next election cycle, a significant surge in advertising spending on Facebook and Instagram by the two major political parties has been highlighted by Sky News. The exponential increase, which surpasses tenfold compared to the same period in 2023, underscores the escalating importance of digital platforms in political […]
Feb 1

Where should you be investing your unused marketing budget this financial year?

Marketing budgets have become far more proactive in recent years, and rightly so. The traditional approach of allocating budgets reactively based on previous performance is out and instead, marketing teams are taking a dynamic approach. To gain sustainable growth, budgets are allocated on activities that drive tangible results that propel the business forward. At this […]
Dec 15

Leave a Lasting Impression on all Your Clients With USB2U’s Branded Tech Products

USB2U’s branded tech products are an excellent way to make a fantastic first impression and lay the foundations of long-lasting relationships with clients, suppliers, and business partners alike. Not only that, but by providing custom tech products you are also able to increase your brand awareness simply and effectively. This increased visibility and brand recognition […]