Category: Advice

Sep 8

Preparing Your Business for Sale

Whether you’re considering selling a portion of your equity or your entire company, it’s essential to prepare your business effectively. Much like selling a house, the process of selling a business involves highlighting its potential, fixing any weaknesses, and ensuring it’s presented in the best possible light. Potential buyers will undoubtedly want to conduct their […]
Sep 4

New Report Sheds Light on Pregnancy and Maternity Discrimination

In an ever-evolving business landscape, the welfare of employees continues to be at the forefront of responsible leadership. A recent survey by Pregnant Then Screwed, encompassing the experiences of over 24,000 parents, has revealed the extent of  pregnancy and maternity discrimination. The implications for business owners are clear, and understanding the full scope of legal […]
Aug 30

How a good person becomes a toxic leader

There are so many reasons in this world to be miserable. War, famine, poverty, pandemics, mental health crises, the list goes on. As leaders, we have the opportunity – nay, responsibility – to prevent the workplace being such a reason. Depending which article you read, the stats say we spend anywhere between 25% and 40% […]
Aug 29

Redundancies and Trust: Can the two coexist?

Employment law experts have warned business leaders of the challenging optics in the face of the predicted influx of redundancies during 2023, alongside shifting expectations in a changing workforce. Research conducted earlier this year revealed that two-fifths of employers predict that they will be making redundancies during 2023. The research also found that 16% of […]
Aug 9

Rising Threat of ‘Hackers for Hire’: How End-to-End Encryption Software Safeguards Businesses

According to a new report from the UK’s cyber security agency, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the number of ‘hackers for hire’ is set to grow over the next five years, leading to more cyber attacks and increasingly unpredictable threats. A rise in spyware and other hacking tools is also anticipated, which will have a […]