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Mar 1

7 ways to be a great leader

I’ve always been drawn to and had a fascination for exceptional leaders, particularly in the realm of business. I find myself thinking, “What distinguishes these personalities?” “Which qualities and strategies drive them to the top of their respective sectors and industries?” I have been lucky enough to meet some of the top business leaders on […]
Feb 16

Inclusive leadership: strategies for supporting neurodiverse talent

Whether you’re looking to build a thriving company culture, access top talent, or foster fairer opportunities and outcomes – diversity and inclusion are absolutely imperative in the workplace. Nevertheless, promoting true equality as an employer often requires careful planning, particularly when it comes to the oft-overlooked neurodiverse community, which can come up against unique challenges. […]
Feb 7

The art of leadership in business

“If your team doesn’t know what good looks like, then it’s unlikely they are going to achieve it.” COMMENTS made by one of the country’s most influential business experts towards the end of last year put the issue of leadership firmly in the spotlight. Anne Francke, the chief executive of the CMI, told the Financial […]