Category: Technology

Sep 15

TikTok fined £296m by watchdog over how it processed children’s data

TikTok has been fined 345 million euro (£296 million) by Ireland’s data watchdog following an investigation into how the social media platform processed children’s data. The fine was imposed on TikTok Technology Limited (TTL) by the Data Protection Commission (DPC) after the probe into how certain privacy settings and features complied with obligations under the EU’s General Data […]
Aug 30

National Cyber Security Centre issues warning over chatbot cyber risks

British officials are warning organisations about integrating artificial intelligence-driven chatbots into their businesses, saying that research has increasingly shown that they can be tricked into performing harmful tasks. In a pair of blog posts due to be published Wednesday, Britain’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) said that experts had not yet got to grips with […]
Aug 21

Elon Musk Concedes X’s Uncertain Future as Glitch Erases Pre-2014 Photos and Links

Elon Musk, the billionaire entrepreneur and CEO of renowned brands such as Tesla and SpaceX, recently acknowledged the potential downfall of X, the rebranded version of Twitter. This confession coincides with a glitch that led to the disappearance of pictures and links published before December 2014. In a recent post on X, Musk expressed his […]
Aug 9

Rising Threat of ‘Hackers for Hire’: How End-to-End Encryption Software Safeguards Businesses

According to a new report from the UK’s cyber security agency, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the number of ‘hackers for hire’ is set to grow over the next five years, leading to more cyber attacks and increasingly unpredictable threats. A rise in spyware and other hacking tools is also anticipated, which will have a […]