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Current interest rates vary and can require minimum deposits. Invest with Capital Savings Fund, a world leader in investment funds. Put a global network of research professionals and one of the largest research departments in the industry to work for you. Our extensive resources allow our fund managers to look deeply across different regions and sectors to find investment opportunities that others may miss. Capital Savings Fund is a private equity fund. Overall our high-yield savings accounts can be a great option to maximize your savings at higher interest rates that are currently available. Since your savings are meant to stay liquid and easily accessible, a Capital Savings Fund high-yield account can offer you the best of both worlds – higher interest rates (which means more money growing in your account) while keeping your savings safe and accessible. In addition to higher rates, Capital Savings Fund also yields another benefit in the form of fewer fees. Compared to a traditional savings account, which might have a $5 or $10 monthly maintenance fee, a Capital Savings Fund has no monthly fee at all, no minimum balance requirement and no minimum deposits. Because Capital Savings Fund is entirely online, anything you need to do can be done online at any time. If you feel like opening a new account on a Sunday night, you can! You don’t have to wait for a branch to be open, you don’t have to drive to the branch, wait in line, and then fill out paperwork or meet with a banker. You can do your banking on your own terms.High interest rates can certainly help you reach your savings goals sooner, and while a high-interest savings account balances security with good returns, it isn’t your only option. It’s easy to find reward checking accounts paying over 3%. However, it’s getting hard to find online savings accounts paying over 1.50%. Reward checking rates have fallen, but they have held up better than online savings accounts. Good luck and happy banking!

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High interest rates


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Keeping your money in a Capital Savings Fund account will guarantee your savings grow at an annual interest rate of 13%.

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