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May 25

What Next? The Fear of the Career after 50

Experts say fear could be keeping over 50s from returning to work, as economic inactivity (the number of people not in the labour force) amongst 50-64 year olds remains eight times higher than pre-pandemic levels. 50-64 year olds comprise a staggering 71% (298,429 of 422,241) of all economically inactive people (between the ages of 16-64) […]
May 5

Are you an introvert?

Do you sometimes get anxious when speaking to a new client?  Would you rather work alone and not in a team?  Would you often prefer to stay at home, than attend an after work party organised by your department? If you can answer these questions with a ‘yes’, then you are probably an introvert.  But, […]
Apr 3

Crisis communications in the modern era: How dealing with the issue itself is now just a small part of the problem for companies

Businesses have, over the years, become very adept at dealing with a crisis communications issue. Nine times out of 10 a company stumbles blindly into a situation via a combination of mistakes and, unfortunately, misses opportunities to nip it in the bud. This issue, accidental or not, is likely to cost companies large amounts of […]
Jan 19

Navigating high inflation and rising energy costs: Strategies for small business success

Small businesses are pivotal in reviving the UK economy, and they play a vital role in creating jobs and driving economic growth. However, high inflation and rising energy costs can present significant challenges for small businesses. These challenges can make it difficult for businesses to maintain profitability and continue to operate successfully. In this blog […]