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May 31

Barely 10% of total global IT spend is on cloud services: Dilip Kumar, Global VP – AWS Applications

The opportunity to modernise and move applications to the cloud is significant for companies of all sizes. “The speed of cloud adoption doesn’t matter; what’s important is reaping the benefits,” says Dilip Kumar, vice-president, AWS Applications. He talks to Sudhir Chowdhary on how he plans to drive a growing category of AWS services. Excerpts: How […]
May 22

Why be multi-cloud? Addressing unique challenges

By Rajesh Awasthi In today’s competitive landscape, users of the cloud – not just tech specialists but modern application developers, enterprises and consumers alike – have unique challenges to address. With cloud’s expanding footprint, developers and consumers look for infrastructure- agnostic platforms and serverless capability that can run in a boundary-less manner to ensure the […]