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May 31

Barely 10% of total global IT spend is on cloud services: Dilip Kumar, Global VP – AWS Applications

The opportunity to modernise and move applications to the cloud is significant for companies of all sizes. “The speed of cloud adoption doesn’t matter; what’s important is reaping the benefits,” says Dilip Kumar, vice-president, AWS Applications. He talks to Sudhir Chowdhary on how he plans to drive a growing category of AWS services. Excerpts: How […]
May 12

The Google Pixel Tablet is not what you think it is and that’s a good thing | First impressions

The Google Pixel Tablet is not just another tablet. While most brands want to sell you tablets that can transform into a laptop with a keyboard and stylus both sold separately, Google is making no such claims (it’s not even selling a first-party keyboard or stylus at this point). With the Pixel Tablet, it is […]
May 8

Google Pixel 7a India launch: Everything we know about Google’s upcoming ‘budget’ Pixel ahead of IO 2023

Google is set for I/O 2023 developer conference where it is expected to make a bunch of announcements across software and hardware. On May 10, which is when the keynote is taking place, we’ll hear more about Android 14 as well as Pixel hardware including the Pixel Fold and “budget” Pixel 7a. The Pixel Tablet […]