Secrets of Success: Emma-Louise Fusari – Founder of In-House Health and Clinical Director

Secrets of Success: Emma-Louise Fusari – Founder of In-House Health and Clinical Director

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, employee wellbeing has become a critical concern for businesses striving to maintain productivity and foster a healthy work environment.

Emma-Louise Fusari, the innovative mind behind In-House Health, offers a refreshing take on addressing this challenge. With a focus on data-driven solutions and long-term strategies, Fusari aims to revolutionize the way companies approach workplace health. In this exclusive interview with Business Matters, she shares her insights into the unique approach of In-House Health, the challenges of the digital tech industry, and the importance of aligning values with business decisions.*

What is your USP?

Traditional employee wellbeing initiatives often fall short in delivering tangible results. Emma-Louise Fusari’s In-House Health takes a different approach, leveraging data to identify and tackle the root causes of workplace issues. Through innovative programs like the M.E.T.A Wellbeing Audit and the M.E.T.A Programme, Fusari and her team provide bespoke support to organisations, aiming to enhance both employee wellbeing and business outcomes.

What is the main problem you solve for your customers?

In-House Health primarily works with digital tech organisations, addressing the pervasive issues of stress, burnout, and mental health within the industry. By implementing actionable strategies and fostering a culture of wellbeing, Fusari helps businesses retain talent, drive innovation, and promote sustainable growth.

What made you start your business?

With two decades of experience in nursing, Fusari was driven by a desire to make a meaningful difference outside the confines of traditional healthcare settings. Frustrated by the limitations of existing employee wellbeing initiatives, she embarked on a mission to revolutionise the field, guided by a strong sense of justice and a commitment to positive change.

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What are your brand values?

Openness, integrity, and respect form the cornerstone of In-House Health’s values. Fusari emphasises the importance of upholding professional standards and empowering individuals to prioritise their health and wellbeing.

Is team culture integral to your business?

As a startup, Fusari is in the process of embedding her values into the company culture. However, she recognises the significance of shared values in fostering a collaborative and supportive environment, both internally and with clients.

Do your values define your decision-making process?

Absolutely. Fusari’s unwavering commitment to transparency and integrity guides every aspect of her business, ensuring that In-House Health remains true to its mission.

What’s your take on inflation and interest rates?

During the early stages of development, In-House Health offers discounted rates to its customers, prioritising accessibility and affordability.

How often do you assess the data you pull in and address your KPIs?

In-House Health adopts a data-driven approach to continuously evaluate performance and identify areas for improvement. Fusari emphasises the importance of meaningful metrics that drive strategic decision-making.

Is tech playing a larger part in your day-to-day operations?

As a data-driven consultancy, technology plays a crucial role in In-House Health’s operations, facilitating automation and innovation while maintaining a focus on human-centric solutions.

What is your attitude towards competitors?

Fusari views the increasing focus on workplace health and wellbeing as a positive trend, but emphasises the importance of strategic approaches that address underlying issues rather than superficial solutions.

Do you have any advice for anyone starting out in business?

Fusari stresses the importance of resilience, self-awareness, and finding mentors who align with one’s values. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace challenges and remain focused on their long-term goals.

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What do you do to relax and recharge?

For Fusari, music and golf provide essential outlets for relaxation and focus, nurturing both physical and mental wellbeing.

Do you believe in the 12-week work method?

While Fusari acknowledges the value of short-term goals, she emphasises the importance of maintaining a long-term perspective to drive meaningful progress and purpose.

What is your company’s eco strategy?

In-House Health is committed to sustainability, aligning its values with the UN sustainable development goals and the World Health Organisation. Fusari is actively pursuing B Corp certification and investing in training to minimise the company’s environmental footprint.

What three things do you hope to have in place within the next 12 months?

Fusari’s vision for the future includes building a strong non-executive board, securing seed investment, and expanding the team to support the company’s growth and social impact initiatives. Ultimately, her goal is to foster healthier and happier workplaces through In-House Health’s innovative solutions.

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