Category: Secrets of Success

Mar 14

Secrets of Success: Shamanth Pereira, Founder of Something Co 

In an era where sustainability has become paramount, businesses that champion eco-friendly practices are rising to the forefront. Shamanth Pereira, the founder of Something Co, is on a mission to facilitate a zero-waste lifestyle without burden or guilt. With a unique approach encapsulated in their 4S Method—Source Sustainably, Transport Sustainably, Dispose Sustainably, and Offset remaining […]
Mar 8

Secrets of Success: Emma-Louise Fusari – Founder of In-House Health and Clinical Director

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, employee wellbeing has become a critical concern for businesses striving to maintain productivity and foster a healthy work environment. Emma-Louise Fusari, the innovative mind behind In-House Health, offers a refreshing take on addressing this challenge. With a focus on data-driven solutions and long-term strategies, Fusari aims to revolutionize the way […]
Feb 11

Secrets of Success: Ben Snowman, VP of Partnerships & Advisory at Mambu

Ben Snowman, VP of Partnerships & Advisory at Mambu, champions the cloud banking platform’s unique selling proposition (USP) centered on modernising core banking services. Mambu’s goal is to empower financial institutions of all sizes to transition to the cloud, thereby enhancing agility, innovation, and cost efficiency. By evangelizing the concept of “building the new to […]
Feb 9

Secrets of Success: David Hart, CEO, RBH Hospitality Management

Growing the UK’s £127bn hospitality industry is no mean feat As the UK’s most experienced hospitality management company,  Offering a complete in-house solution for hospitality investors, every day at RBH Hospitality Management is a busy one.  From their qualified Capital Projects team, Facilities Management and full IT project and helpdesk support, David Hart CEO, leads […]