Former Oscars host David Letterman reacts to Will Smith hitting Chris Rock

Former Oscars host David Letterman reacts to Will Smith hitting Chris Rock

28 Mar    Finance News

David Letterman has weighed in on Sunday’s Oscars fiasco in only a way he can.

The longtime late night television host posted a brief video on his Youtube channel to offer his thoughts — however tangential — on Will Smith slapping and cursing out Chris Rock on stage live during the Oscars telecast Sunday night.

Letterman, who hosted the Academy Awards in 1995, is shown sitting with one of his long-time executive producers Barbara Gaines, facing the camera. Letterman, to Gaines’ tickled dismay, says he’ll be brief because he knows she has “other guests.” She doesn’t have a show and has no other guests.

Letterman then says he has one point to make regarding Sunday’s Oscars.

“People will say, Dave, what do you know about this,” Letterman asks with his classic sarcasm. “I’ll just remind that I actually hosted the Academy Awards. It was in … “

Gaines interjected: “In ‘95.”

Letterman: “The 40s? Say what you will, read what you will, think what you will about my performance the night I hosted the Academy Awards, but — and here’s my point — no one got hit. No one was hit that night that I hosted.”

“That’s all I have to say,” Letterman concludes. “God bless America and God bless the Academy Awards Good night.”

The Academy has condemned Smith’s actions and says it’s investigating the matter.

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