Leave a Lasting Impression on all Your Clients With USB2U’s Branded Tech Products

Leave a Lasting Impression on all Your Clients With USB2U’s Branded Tech Products

15 Dec    Finance News, Marketing

USB2U’s branded tech products are an excellent way to make a fantastic first impression and lay the foundations of long-lasting relationships with clients, suppliers, and business partners alike.

Not only that, but by providing custom tech products you are also able to increase your brand awareness simply and effectively. This increased visibility and brand recognition can also lead to even more business opportunities, a high business return, and even more than that.

Depending on the chosen product, your logo could be branded with LED Branding, engraving, or even digital print. These branding styles expose your brand to your clients and other potential customers in the best light possible, and they also provide insight into what your organisation represents.

In addition, USB2U’s extensive product range offers smart, connected tech products that are not only durable, they are high quality, and also perfect tools for increasing business productivity and efficiency.

Learn more about USB2U’S extensive promotional product range here:

1.    The Ultimate XL Gift Set

The Ultimate XL Gift Set is a popular choice for brands who want to make a great impression on all their clients. It features a high-capacity power bank, the Pro 10,000 Power Bank, the incredible Cube Speaker, and the Promotional 3 in 1 Cable.

The Pro 10000 has a generous 10,000mAh battery capacity and two USB charging ports. It’s a perfect product for those who want to charge two devices simultaneously. The Promotional 3 in 1 Cable features USB-C, Micro USB, and Lightning connectors to charge various devices. It’s a lightweight tech product, making it a must-have travel companion for your clients.

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The Cube Speaker boasts an impressive light and compact design, and it offers seamless sound quality. The speaker can connect to your client’s device either through Bluetooth or the line audio cable (provided) and can also play music from a Micro-SD card thanks to its built-in port.

This gift set is also available in black and it can be branded with any logo or chosen design. It’s a brilliant way to say thank you to your clients.

2.    Bamboo 10000 Solar Power Bank

The Bamboo 10000 Solar Power Bank is another excellent choice that will leave a lasting impression on your clients. It’s new to USB2U’s range of eco-friendly tech products, and it boasts plenty of fantastic features for your clients to enjoy.

What makes this power bank truly stand out is the fact that it features a built-in solar panel that boosts power using solar energy, and it’s also made from FSC-certified Bamboo. This makes it a top choice for businesses looking to move away from plastic promotional products and move into sustainable alternatives.

In addition, this power bank offers your clients an excellent battery capacity of 10000mAh, a stylish design, and it also boasts ample space for engraving or logo printing.

3.    LED Ultra 8000 Power Bank

The brand-new LED Ultra 8000 Power Bank stands as a superior power bank for several reasons. For starters, it features LED branding which will brilliantly illuminate your logo or designs in bright white light. This also makes it such a perfect marketing tool because your clients or potential customers will always see your logo being advertised in the best light possible.

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What’s more, it features a high capacity 8000 mAh battery, a sleek and smooth black finish, and it’s also made from R-ABS plastic (Recycled Claim Standard).

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