Workers warned over out of office email sins to avoid this summer

Workers warned over out of office email sins to avoid this summer

Employees preparing to set out of office responses for their summer holiday are being warned to avoid ruining working relationships.

The business experts at Suited Insure are offering their insight for professionals seeking to perfect their summer out of office response.

The desire to rush into holiday mode could hinder people’s professions when they return if their out-of-office message is rude, sarcastic or nonexistent.

Without careful consideration, instant replies could be detrimental for working relationships and could shut down new business or customer enquiries.

This is why experts are offering their advice on what can be considered unprofessional to avoid any business wrong-doings.

Businesses expecting to have lots of employees on annual leave over the summer months should prepare by providing them with an out of office response template.

Jana Kejvalova, from Suited Insure said: “Some people don’t give their out-of-office message any thought, they simply switch off their screens and head on their holiday.

“However, there’s a chance someone may be trying to contact you for new business opportunities or ask an important enquiry and if there isn’t a message there or an alternative email to contact they may view yourself and your company negatively.

“That’s why everybody must give their message some thought and consideration. It’s no good to anyone if the note has no details about when you will be back. The same goes for the opposite approach, too much information is unnecessary.

“The very least you can do is let people know how long you’re going to be away and who they can contact for urgent enquiries in a short, concise and polite message.

“But not everybody follows that format, which is why we’re offering advice on what types of out-of-office messages should be avoided to avoid any miscommunication which could jeopardise your career.”

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