Why Gas Safety Certificate Is Essential When Buying/Selling a House In UK

Why Gas Safety Certificate Is Essential When Buying/Selling a House In UK

16 Nov    Business, Finance News

A gas certificate is one of the requirements you’ll need before buying/selling a house in the UK. You get the certificate after the completion of a safety check on all your gas installations is complete.

In simple terms, a gas certificate is a record that shows all gas appliances in the house you are selling/buying are secure and safe to use for the next tenant.

In the UK, the gas safety certificate is a legal document that protects both the seller and buyer. A gas certificate is proof that a house is safe to occupy and that all gas connections and appliances work as they should be.

Acquiring a gas safety certificate is an essential thing that you need to do if you want to sell your house. For you to get the certificate for your home, a certified expert has to come and inspect your gas installations before giving a clean bill of health.

What Does A Gas Safety Check Involve?

Poor installations, damaged appliances, broken gas pipes are the leading causes of gas leaks in most homes. Some leaks have caused fatal accidents, while most have been fixed before it was too late. As a result, a gas safety certificate has become a legal requirement so as to reduce the risk of explosions and accidents in UK homes.

What do professional gas safety engineers inspect? They;

  • Check on ventilation passages to ensure they are not blocked and are operating correctly.
  • Ensure safety devices such as carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms are operating effectively.
  • Ensure gas appliances are burning at the recommended pressure.
  • Ensure there is proper circulation of air and harmful gasses completely gets out of the house.
  • Perform a safety check to ensure that fitting and pipes are in right working conditions.
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But it is essential to know that the UK government only recognizes a gas check done by registered engineers. So, you can visit https://www.landlord-certificates.co.uk/ to get experts to inspect your house and get a valid certificate.

What If There Are Faults?

In some occasions, a fault identified during inspections can be deemed as an emergency. When this happens, the engineers have to issue an urgent notice. At times, the home owner may be forced to promptly and urgently switch off the gas system to ensure the safety of people living in the property.

The gas safety engineers will record and explain the faults identified. They will then issue a report and organize for a follow-up visit.

Why Apply For Gas Safety Certificate?

Legal requirement;

A gas certificate is a legal requirement; which is why as a home owner or rental property manager, you have no option but to apply for it. The UK law requires that you inspect all gas pipework and gas appliances yearly in your property. Without a gas certificate, you can’t be allowed to lease or sell your house. Besides, you risk attracting a fine of £6000 and in worst case scenario, imprisonment.

If you have a wood-burning stove or coal fire in your property, the law dictates that you install smoke alarms. It is not the responsibility of the buyer or tenant to ensure the safety of gas appliances; you as the seller or home owner squarely carry this responsibility.

Saves You Money;

It’s only after the house gas inspection that you get to know which appliances need replacement or repair. This s you save the money that you could have used if an accident or explosion had occurred. Additionally, faulty appliances consume more gas than expected. This implies that when you or your tenants use a faulty appliance, they will be spending more on gas bills.

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Avoid Stress;

There is nothing good like having peace of mind knowing that there is a minimal or no possibility of a gas leak or explosion in your household. You will also rest assured knowing that you’ve met all your legal obligations in regards to gas safety.

Maintenance Of Ventilation;

Proper maintenance of the ventilation system is another reason why you need a gas safety certificate in UK. An inspection will ensure that the ventilation system is operating efficiently, optimally. This helps avoid leakages of dangerous gasses such as carbon monoxide that can easily cause death. Thus, it is an excellent thing to get a gas safety certificate to ensure that no gas is leaking, that the air being breathed inside your home is clean.

Avoid Accidents;

You need to remember that natural gases burn very fast with a single spark. If you don’t get regular gas safety inspections, the likelihood of gas leakage accidents increase. When there is natural gas in the house, even something as small as toggling an electric switch can cause a fire.

When there is a buildup of carbon monoxide gas in your house, the end results can be fatal. Gas leaks easily lead to explosions whether in homes or industrial premises. You can avoid such incidents from occurring by getting a professional gas inspector to come and conduct regular inspections.

Avoid Carbon Monoxide Leakage;

Why is this important? Well, based on previous research, at least 50 people die annually because of carbon monoxide poisoning across the globe; another 4000 need medical attention annually due to exposure from this harmful gas.

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The scariest thing about carbon monoxide is that it is odorless, colourless. You only notice the symptoms and by then, it’s often too late. In order to detect it, ensure that you install a carbon monoxide alarm in your properties before selling/buying.

Why You Need Gas Certificate As A Homeowner?

It is very essential that you get a gas safety certificate in UK, as a home owner. Why?

  • To ensure the safety of people who live in the house.
  • Your insurance may require it.
  • It is a requirement for some appliances warranty, especially those that have a long-term warranty.

Bottom line;

We could go on and on emphasizing the critical role that gas safety inspection plays in homes. Given the above reasons, if you want to buy/sell a house, it is clear that the gas safety check is essential and mandatory. Be sure to enroll the services of a professional and certified engineer to come and do the gas inspection. He or she will then give you the certificate; it is recommendable to have the inspection done at least once a year. If your gas system is old or worn out, then the engineer may suggest that you conduct the gas inspections more regularly.

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