White woman charged with assault after trying to stop Black child from using community pool

White woman charged with assault after trying to stop Black child from using community pool

12 Aug    Finance News

The unidentified woman was charged weeks later after a TikTok user alleged the woman assaulted her son

Five weeks after a white woman allegedly assaulted a Black child while attempting to block him from using the community pool, she’s finally been charged.

On July 6th, Heather J Brown was filmed in a heated altercation with an unidentified woman that was filmed by a bystander and then later posted on Brown’s TikTok.

“He was here yesterday, ma’am, you know who I am,” she can be heard yelling in the footage.

Brown claims her son was attacked at the community pool by the unidentified white woman and to her point, the alleged aggressor can be heard asking the mother a question before the gate opens and then appears to grab the young boy as he attempts to walk past her.

“Don’t you put your hands on my son! Don’t you ever, ever put your hands on my son!” Brown yells in response before threatening to call the authorities and report the woman for putting her hands on her child.

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“Get out of my face, lady! And she’s going to jail because she just put her hands on my son,” the upset mother can be heard yelling later.

After the video made its rounds on social media, Brown later posted an update that when the woman tried to tell police about the attack she warned Brown that the responding officer would probably believe she was the real victim “based on just the way we look.”

She also noted the woman in question had let in two white children before telling her Black child to wait outside, which is why she was clear it was racially motivated.

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The specifics of the case are still unclear because Brown opted not to give the name of the woman, or what happened directly after the altercation at the gate to the pool. But she did make a final update sharing that her alleged attacker requested a public defender for a court appearance scheduled for August 20.

As we previously reported, another “Karen gone wild” recently went viral this week for harassing her Black neighbor for having a flag on her porch that featured a picture of the character “Tigger” from Winnie the Pooh.

TikToker Ambrosia claims she was banned from the platform after sharing a video of a white woman complaining about a flag hanging from her house.

Ambrosia’s home security footage shows the woman knocking at her front door and announcing that she doesn’t like the flag of the cartoon character.

“I want to talk about this Tigger flag,” the woman stated, as reported by The Sun. “I don’t like it.”

The unidentified ‘Karen’ said the American flag was “real nice” but the Tigger flag — not so much.

“And we have rules,” the woman continued. “I don’t want to have to go find out what they are, but I don’t like that.”

The woman went on about “rules for the community,” with Ambrosia noting that their neighborhood does not have a homeowner’s association.

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