Unlocking Potential: How jobcentres are driving small business growth 

Unlocking Potential: How jobcentres are driving small business growth 

2 Dec    Finance News, Opinion

Today is Small Business Saturday. A day to celebrate the thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs across the country who are the backbone of our economy.

We use small businesses all the time. Whether it’s your local coffee shop, hairdresser, or family bakery, they are the beating heart of our high streets and a huge part of our economy. Nearly 10 million people across the UK work in companies with fewer than 50 employees. And standing behind these organisations is our network of over 630 Jobcentres.

This week I visited Arapina Bakery, a small business in South London, which has directly benefited from the support our Jobcentres offer. The local Employment Adviser, Liam told me about his work with the bakery owner, Michaela, to identify their business needs and implement a bespoke business plan. Through this partnership, the local Jobcentre helped Michaela to recruit five new members of staff which helped the business grow. The baked goods were amazing and we spoke about how, without much time to spare from the day job, Liam helped to select, sift and recruit staff.

This is just one of many ways local Jobcentres can help small business owners. Employer Advisors work with local businesses to source job opportunities and promote these vacancies to work ready jobseekers.

Whether helping draft job adverts, navigating the hiring process, or tapping into the local labour market and upskilling jobseekers, DWP Jobcentres are here to help at every stage of the recruitment journey.  Offering someone a chance can truly change a life and Jobcentres can work with you to help grow your team.

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At this time of year, small businesses really do shine. It’s so important we back the businesses in our local communities who contribute so much to our vibrant, festive high streets and town centres.

I truly appreciate the dedication, adaptability and sheer resilience needed to succeed in business. As the new Minister for Employment, I am delighted to be advocating for small businesses at the heart of government, highlighting their value and ensuring they have the support they need.

Collaboration between small businesses and local Jobcentres is a recipe for success. Small enterprises gain access to a support network that understands their unique challenges and a pool of motivated, local jobseekers. But this partnership is about more than just filling vacancies; it’s a partnership that helps businesses and communities grow together.

This small business Saturday, I urge entrepreneurs and small business owners to explore the array of DWP services on offer, to tap into the expertise of employment advisors in Jobcentres and discover the wealth of opportunities that come with investing in local talent.

Jo Churchill MP

Churchill MP, Minister for Employment and was appointed on 13 November 2023. She was previously Vice Chamberlain of HM Household (Government Whip) between 7 September 2022 and 13 November 2023. She was Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs between 17 September 2021 and 6 July 2022. She was Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Department of Health and Social Care from 26 July 2019 to 16 September 2021. Before that, she was Assistant Government Whip from 9 January 2018 to 26 July 2019.

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