Uber Drivers Offered Significant Discounts on Kia Electric Cars

Uber Drivers Offered Significant Discounts on Kia Electric Cars

20 May    Finance News, In Business

Londoners accustomed to seeing their Uber drivers in Toyota Priuses may soon find them driving electric Kias instead as Uber is set to offer more than 35,000 of its London drivers up to £22,000 in grants and discounts to transition from hybrids, diesel, and petrol cars to fully electric vehicles.

The app-based taxi service aims to make its entire fleet of 50,000 vehicles in the capital zero-emission by the end of 2025. Currently, only a quarter of Uber’s London fleet runs on fully electric power.

To achieve this ambitious goal, Uber will launch an initiative this week, offering £5,000 grants to ensure each of its London drivers switches to electric vehicles over the next 18 months. This initiative is funded by a £145 million green surcharge fund that Uber has accumulated in the UK.

Uber has also secured significant discounts from car manufacturers. For instance, drivers interested in the £56,000 Kia EV6 will benefit from a £17,000 discount from the Korean manufacturer, coupled with the £5,000 grant from Uber, bringing the car’s price down to £34,000.

Similarly, the popular Kia Niro EV will be available for £20,000 after a £12,000 discount. Andrew Brem, general manager of Uber UK, emphasized the urgency of accelerating electrification, especially given recent slowdowns in electric car sales in Britain due to affordability concerns.

Manufacturers are supporting the scheme as they aim to meet government-enforced quotas. Car makers are required to ensure that 22 per cent of their vehicles are electric in 2024, with this quota rising to 28 per cent in 2025, or face penalties.

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This move by Uber comes as UK sales data show a decline in the growth of new electric car sales to private motorists, primarily due to the high upfront costs of these vehicles. By offering substantial incentives, Uber hopes to overcome these barriers and contribute to a greener future for London’s transportation network.

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