: Trump’s debate antics leave many viewers disgusted

: Trump’s debate antics leave many viewers disgusted

30 Sep    Finance News

Joe Biden and President Donald Trump speak Tuesday night.

AFP via Getty Images

“A disgrace.” “A mess.” “Embarrassing.”

Those were some of the reactions on social media Tuesday night, after a chaotic presidential debate in which President Donald Trump constantly and aggressively interrupted Joe Biden, to the point where the former vice president told him to “shut up.”

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Moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News at times chided Trump for his behavior, noting that both parties had agreed to let the other side talk uninterrupted for periods of time. “Frankly, you’ve been doing more interrupting,” Wallace told Trump, appealing to him to let Biden speak.

On Twitter, many decried the messy debate, which at times was unintelligible because of the candidates talking over each other.

Some said Trump’s behavior was flat-out childish.

While others said the whole thing just stressed them out.

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