Top Ten: Weekend reads: Confessions of a stock picker

Top Ten: Weekend reads: Confessions of a stock picker

22 Dec    Finance News

Jeff Reeves has the courage to put himself on the line by making specific stock selections, share them with readers and then report on the results, whether good, bad or ugly. Here are two stocks he expects to perform well in 2020, along with many other financial-market predictions. And here’s his entertaining look at his bad calls for 2019 and a few that turned out better.

Many readers weighed in with their own bad investment decisions this year; do you have one to share?

You may also be interested in seeing how Wall Street analysts’ favorite stock picks for 2019 performed and which dogs of 2019 they expect to come roaring back.

Your city is probably broke — here’s why

Charles Marohn calls local governments’ efforts to foster development a “Ponzi scheme.”

Big changes to retirement saving rules

President Trump is expected to sign the SECURE Act into law — and that will bring many changes for your retirement finances. It will allow annuities within 401(k) plans, which some see as a boon for insurers, and raise the age at which you must start taking money out of your 401(k) or IRA.

Congress passed the SECURE Act — how much will it actually help people save for retirement?

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Getting away from the cold and the expense

Catey Hill helps a reader who has $10,000 a month in retirement income and is looking to spend it in a place with warm weather, lower expenses and lots of cultural and outdoor offerings. What’s your suggestion?

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How to move on from past investment mistakes

Chris Mamula shares a detailed “universal process” you can follow to clean up accumulated bad investments.

A savings dilemma

A 27-year-old is putting 17% of his income into his 401(k) but now wants to save for a down payment on a home. What should he do?

A year-end opportunity for investors

At the end of an excellent year for the U.S. stock market SPX, +0.49%, Michael Brush identifies 10 stocks to buy as their prices tumble from year-end tax-loss selling.

A first-quarter melt-up?

Hundreds of readers left comments about the possibility of a first-quarter “melt-up” for stocks, which is often a sign that a bull market is coming to an end. Join the conversation.

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