The Margin: Madonna invites Harry and Meghan to sublet her NYC apartment because Canada is ‘boring’ — and Canadians clap back

The Margin: Madonna invites Harry and Meghan to sublet her NYC apartment because Canada is ‘boring’ — and Canadians clap back

5 Feb    Finance News

Canadians aren’t happy about how Madonna expressed herself here.

The Queen of Pop invited royal expats Harry and Meghan, who have been living on Vancouver Island since stepping back from their royal duties, to sublet her $7.3 million NYC apartment.

Her Madgesty made the offer to the #Megxit couple in a video posted to her Instagram FB, -0.33%   and Twitter TWTR, -1.62%  accounts on Tuesday, where she bragged about her two-bedroom upper West Side co-op on Central Park West. “It’s got the best view of Manhattan” and an “Incredible balcony,” she said, adding that “Buckingham Palace has got nothing on CPW.”

While it appears that she’s joking — as she lost an almost three-year legal battle in 2018 for having her children and staff living in the residence without her — her posh pad is probably available at the moment while she’s on her global Madame X Tour through March. But the New York Post notes that her co-op requires prior written approval from the board of directors before allowing subletters, among other stipulations, so it’s not like Harry, Meghan and baby Archie could just move in even if they wanted.

Her cracks still offended many Canadians, however, with many saying that this girl needs some new material.

“Madonna has been boring since ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ came out in 1986,” tweeted a user under the name Hafiz Shariff. “Canada is a wonderful country.”

Some people threatened to boycott her future shows. “Hey Canada let’s show Madonna just how boring we are,” tweeted a user under the name Mikey Mike, adding, “Next time she tours our beautiful country … nobody buys tickets.”

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“Is it necessary to insult Canadians? We do put a lot of money in your pockets,” added another commentator to her Instagram post.

Others boasted about Canada’s universal health care compared to many American’s struggle to afford medical care, or the fact that the Great White North is consistently named one of the happiest countries in the world, compared to the U.S.

Canada was also named one of the top 10 most reputable countries in the world last fall, while the U.S. didn’t crack the top 30. Canada is also among the top five best places in the world to raise kids, while America was ranked the 18th.

Experts say that Harry and Meghan’s decision to move to Canada while stepping back as senior royals (and giving up their HRH titles and public funds for royal duties) makes a lot of financial sense. There are tax advantages to living in Canada, and since the country is a member of the British Commonwealth (and the Queen is head of state) the couple could possibly draw on the Canadian state for help paying for security.

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Plus, Markle is already poised to make multiple appearances on an upcoming Netflix NFLX, -0.02%   reality show, “I Do, Redo” with her best friend and Toronto wedding stylists Jessica Mulroney.

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