The LGV Training Company Examines The Expanding HGV Sector In The Face of Potential for Development

The LGV Training Company Examines The Expanding HGV Sector In The Face of Potential for Development

27 Jul    Business, Finance News

The HGV sector is now undergoing rapid expansion, providing potential drivers with several prospects.

Recent data from a comprehensive survey done by Logistics UK shows encouraging trends and highlights the multiple benefits of choosing a career as an HGV driver.

The analysis indicates a 43% increase in practical HGV tests done in the first quarter of 2022, compared to the same period in 2019. The month of March 2022 saw an outstanding performance, featuring a record-breaking 10,481 tests completed, culminating in an amazing 60% completion rate.

Along with these promising results, HGV driver earnings have increased significantly. Salary advertisements for drivers able to handle the biggest vehicles increased by 25% on average in Q1 2022 relative to the previous year. This salary increase is intended to recruit new drivers while also retaining current employees, emphasizing the industry’s dedication to development and efficiency.

Tom Mcghie, Managing Director of The LGV Training Company, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The HGV driving profession provides an outstanding opportunity for individuals seeking a fulfilling and prosperous career. With the industry experiencing steady growth and increased demand for qualified drivers, now is the perfect time to enter this dynamic field. HGV driving offers job security, competitive wages, and a diverse range of opportunities to contribute meaningfully to the economy.”

Considering the persistent driver shortages, this industry is on a favorable trend, rendering it an appealing alternative for anyone looking for a career transition or new work opportunities. The LGV Training Company urges people to choose HGV training because it provides security, good pay, and the opportunity to support vital industries that include food distribution, fuel transport, and healthcare logistics.

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