Tagomics Secures £6.7 Million to Enhance Disease Diagnosis Technology

Tagomics Secures £6.7 Million to Enhance Disease Diagnosis Technology

21 Feb    Finance News, Get Funded

Tagomics, a trailblazing developer of a state-of-the-art platform for comprehensive disease insight and diagnosis, has announced a successful £6.7 million funding round.

This milestone comes on the heels of a £1.6 million pre-seed round led by IQ Capital and Start Codon, supplemented by grant funding from Innovate UK.

The infusion of capital will expedite Tagomics’ scientific research and product development endeavors, aimed at advancing the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases, including cancer. The funding round was spearheaded by Calculus Capital, with participation from prominent investors such as Illumina Ventures, IQ Capital, Agilent Ventures, Mercia Ventures, MEIF Proof of Concept & Early Stage Fund (managed by Mercia Ventures), Meltwind, and OMX Ventures.

Established in July 2020 as a spin-out from the University of Birmingham, Tagomics builds upon pioneering research spearheaded by Dr. Robert Neely, the company’s Chief Scientific Officer. Tagomics has crafted a groundbreaking platform that seamlessly integrates multiple “omics” technologies, including genomics, epigenomics, and fragmentomics, to offer a holistic understanding of human health and disease. By leveraging advanced data analysis and machine learning, Tagomics aims to unearth new disease markers, foster strategic partnerships, and advance drug development and therapy selection.

Since securing investment, Tagomics has secured the distinction of becoming the inaugural tenant of Illumina Ventures’ Labs in Cambridge. This facility provides invaluable resources and support to genomics startups, facilitating their growth trajectory from inception to Series A financings.

Dr. Jack Kennefick, CEO and Co-founder of Tagomics, expressed optimism about the company’s trajectory, highlighting the transformative potential of its multiomic approach in enhancing disease diagnosis and treatment. Elizabeth Klein, Investment Director at Calculus, commended Tagomics’ innovative technology and exceptional leadership team, emphasizing CEO Dr. Jack Kennefick’s expertise and the collective experience of the board members.

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Nick Naclerio, Founding Partner at Illumina Ventures, underscored the significance of Tagomics’ inclusion in Illumina Ventures Labs, expressing confidence in the collaborative efforts to expedite the company’s market penetration.

As Tagomics embarks on its next phase of expansion, buoyed by robust investor support and cutting-edge technology, it aims to redefine the landscape of genomic medicine, offering novel insights and solutions to address critical healthcare challenges.

It’s noteworthy that the Midlands Engine Investment Fund, which supported Tagomics’ growth, will soon transition to Midlands Engine Investment Fund II, marking a new chapter in fostering innovation and economic development in the region.

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