Tag: Secrets of Success

Jul 22

Secrets of Success: Ben Ridgway & Jamie Cooke, co-founders of iamproperty Group 

Disrupting an industry and solving problems with tech has been a vision for these co-founders. Award winning iamproperty Group was founded in 2009, with a clear vision to modernise the property market with innovative, tech-enabled solutions. From its market leading auction service, iamsold, to the UK’s first end-to-end onboarding and sales progression platform, movebutler, the Group […]
Jul 10

Secrets of success: Rob Straathof, CEO of Liberis

Small business finance can be slow, inflexible and have a negative impact, learn how Rob Straathof has changed this. Whether businesses are looking to expand, buy stock or invest in marketing, most will need access to fast and flexible funding to help them achieve their goals. For many years traditional high street banks have reduced […]
May 13

Secrets of Success: Ralph Rogge, CEO of Open-Banking Startup Crezco

Providing an online checkout for B2B businesses without the need for card-schemes like Visa or Mastercard. Crezco is a business-to-business open banking payments platform that makes B2B invoice payments as frictionless as card payments but without the associated costs, processing account-to-account payments up to £1 million in real-time for free. CEO Ralph Roggee, speaks to Business […]