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Apr 15

£243,000 IR35 case to be reheard 14 years after contract concluded

Five years after HMRC appealed an IR35 case defeat carrying £243,324 in tax liability, judges have instructed this long-running saga to be reheard despite the work having taken place 14 years ago. IR35 specialist, Qdos, said the situation “smacks of unfairness” and highlights the “nuances and complexities of the IR35 legislation”. In 2019, IT contractor, […]
Apr 3

How and why gender diversity is KEY for business success

As a seasoned professional in the field of recruitment, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing firsthand the transformative impact that gender diversity can have on businesses of all sizes. From startups to established SMEs, organisations that champion gender diversity consistently emerge as leaders in their respective industries. In the competitive landscape of recruitment, there has […]
Mar 16

Dear Rishi, EVs are still too expensive & Brits will only start buying them if you do 3 things says Vauxhall boss

As electric car sales plummet in the UK James Taylor, Managing Director of Vauxhall, has penned an open letter addressed to UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak outlining crucial steps to reinvigorate the electric car market in the UK. In his letter published in The Sun, Taylor highlights a pivotal concern: the delay in transitioning to electric […]
Mar 12

Chancellor’s Spring Budget Sparks Potential Surge in Pension Fund Investment

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s proposed reforms, outlined in the Spring Budget, signal a potential surge in pension fund investment, particularly in UK-listed equities. The focus on compelling pension funds to disclose the geographical breakdown of their assets aims to address the industry’s reluctance to support domestic companies. With the Treasury’s plan to require defined-contribution pension funds […]
Mar 7

Hunt redefines ‘levelling up’ with focus on Cambridge, Canary Wharf and Surrey

The redefinition of “levelling up” by Chancellor Jeremy Hunt in his recent budget has sparked both praise and criticism, with the geographical scope of the term expanding to include areas beyond the traditional focus on northern towns and cities. Hunt’s budget highlighted new devolution deals for regions like Surrey and Buckinghamshire, signaling a shift towards […]