Surge Pricing Strategy to Hit Legoland Visitors

Surge Pricing Strategy to Hit Legoland Visitors

26 Mar    Finance News, News

Merlin Entertainments, the parent company of Legoland among other attractions, is set to introduce surge pricing using machine learning algorithms to adjust ticket costs based on variables like weather conditions.

Under this new dynamic pricing model, visitors can expect higher prices during peak-season sunny days, with the system set to roll out across the company’s Top 20 global attractions by the end of this year, followed by implementation in the U.S. next year.

While the move may raise eyebrows among some customers, surge pricing is not a new concept in the theme park industry. Disney has long employed various pricing tiers, charging more during busy periods like holidays.

However, surge pricing remains a contentious issue, often drawing comparisons to unpopular practices by ride-share companies. Wendy’s, for instance, faced backlash over plans for dynamic pricing on menu items, leading to a delay in implementation until 2025.

For theme parks, dynamic pricing serves as a crowd management tool, ensuring tolerable visitor levels. Merlin’s decision comes amidst evolving customer behaviors post-pandemic, with families showing varied return rates compared to other major theme parks.

Machine learning algorithms will play a crucial role in determining pricing, analyzing visitation histories to forecast demand and set appropriate rates for different times and locations.

Merlin Entertainments, with its extensive portfolio including Legoland, Peppa Pig Theme Park, Sea Life, and recently acquired Orlando Wheel at ICON Park, continues to adapt to market dynamics while aiming to provide engaging experiences for visitors worldwide.

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