Simple Tips for Teaching Piano Lessons

Simple Tips for Teaching Piano Lessons

19 May    Finance News

Compared to other instruments, playing the piano is probably the hardest. It is even harder to teach another person.

For once, you have to first create a relationship with your student to ensure learning happens. Anyone can become a professional with the right instructor. As a piano teacher, it is crucial to know the fundamental steps to take to ensure every student masters the skills and build a relationship with them that will help them achieve their goals. In this article, we will outline several steps on teaching piano the best way.

Know Your Students

The main reason most students quit learning an instrument is because of the relationship they have with their teachers. Mostly, the teacher is not usually supportive or understanding. Therefore, know your students well and understand what they want to get out of the lessons. Find out the kind of person they want to spend the session with. Do this by having a meeting before the lesson begins to know them well and connect.

Challenge Your Students

Chords piano can be a bit complicated without the right guidance. Once the students learn the basics, it may seem like there is nothing else left to teach them. However, the best way to teach your students is to start with complex concepts. Challenge your students by starting with the theory. The theory is something that most piano students don’t like. The best way to keep the students interested, especially those who want to advance, is to introduce them to theory.

Start Without the Piano

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You need to create a foundation for your lessons, and this is why we suggest starting with the theory part. Starting your lessons without the piano is a great way of teaching self-control to students who want to start learning right away. It helps them focus on one thing at a time and avoid the temptations of pressing the keys during the lessons. Teach them how to use their fingers and the right posture when playing the piano.

Play the Piano

This is the part that the students are probably waiting for. Start by helping them get comfortable with the keyboard and the seat. Teach them why middle C is vital and how the keys are arranged. The best way to warm up is to start with easy songs. For instance, you can start teaching them free fallin chords to help them focus on finger movement and get familiar with the keys. Understanding simple chords will help set a foundation of learning that will allow the students to progress through the lessons.

Set Goals

Each lesson will come with a specific goal. Without the goals, it is hard to track the progress of your students or how much you have achieved as a teacher. Therefore, set goals depending on the experience of your students. Give your students something to work on and have something you hope your students will achieve. It is crucial to understand the goals of each student to know how better you can help them.


These are simple tips for helping you give the best piano lessons. Remember to focus on one thing at a time and teach your students to master the fundamentals. The simple things seem to be the easiest to forget. So, as you teach the complex ones, make sure you teach the simple ones too.

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Simple Tips for Teaching Piano Lessons

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