Rail strikes negatively impacting UK SME’s

Rail strikes negatively impacting UK SME’s

New research has revealed the damaging effect that strikes are having on the sector, with 14% of SME owners saying they have negatively impacted their business.

Four in ten say the strikes make it hard to plan in advance, while a fifth say they’ve had less customers during strike days. A tenth  have been unable to make meetings with clients and a further 10% admitted to losing money as a result of the transport strikes.

Alan Thomas, UK CEO at Simply Business, that commissioned the research commented: “Ongoing disruption to the rail network is now affecting small businesses’ supply chains, the ability for their employees to get to work, and, most essentially, causing a lul in customers as footfall decreases. Businesses in the hospitality sector will be particularly hard hit as the 44%* of people using rail for shopping and leisure will be significantly reduced on strike days.

“The UK’s self-employed are feeling the pressure more than most as they are not afforded the same financial cushioning of larger franchises, and giving people the means to make journeys which allow them to enjoy the unique offering of small businesses up and down the country is essential to the survival of our SMEs.”

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