PureWeb Unveils High-Performance On Demand Providers Revolutionizing Streaming Experiences

PureWeb Unveils High-Performance On Demand Providers Revolutionizing Streaming Experiences

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CALGARY, Alberta — PureWeb, a leading innovator in cloud-based streaming solutions, is proud to announce an important addition to its platform – the release of high performance On Demand infrastructure providers. These providers, powered by top-tier rendering GPUs available in CoreWeave, are set to redefine the streaming landscape and empower creators to achieve unparalleled performance.

Available immediately in both the Western and Eastern United States, PureWeb’s high-performance providers are equipped with NVIDIA’s formidable RTX A6000 GPUs, 32 GB of RAM, and 10 vCPUs. These specifications make them the ideal choice for handling the most demanding Unreal Engine and Unity streaming projects.

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“What sets these new providers apart is their exceptional performance,” says Chris Jarabek, VP of Product Development at PureWeb. “We conducted extensive testing with GPU-intensive workloads, and the results were impressive. In Unreal applications, we saw frame rate improvements ranging from a substantial 28% to a very healthy 67%. Similarly, in Unity environments, enhancements ranged from 35% to an impressive 48%, when compared to our standard CoreWeave providers.”

Depending on rendering demands, clients can find success utilizing these new On Demand providers in conjunction with AWS current-generation G5 instances for enhanced global accessibility, enabling them to customize their infrastructure to meet their project’s unique performance requirements.

“We’re really excited about this new On Demand provider and, when PureWeb introduces support for AWS’s next-generation G6 instances, we think the two will make the perfect dedicated pairing for our new On Demand offering,” says Chris.

Learn more about PureWeb x CoreWeave high performance here.

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PureWeb Reality™ is the leading cloud orchestration and real-time streaming platform for interactive 3D on the immersive web. Built on the high-fidelity streaming technology from Unreal Engine and Unity, our platform manages all the complexities of streaming from the cloud. The leading solution provider for enterprises, digital agencies, and developers, our platform enables simple, scalable, and secure distribution of real-time 3D applications to any device, anywhere in the world. Learn more at www.pureweb.com.

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