Personal Finance Daily: The mistakes to avoid when moving to a state with lower taxes and why low mortgage rates are a double-edged sword

Personal Finance Daily: The mistakes to avoid when moving to a state with lower taxes and why low mortgage rates are a double-edged sword

27 Aug    Finance News

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Thinking about moving to a state with lower taxes? These are the mistakes to avoid

Some states are great to live in, but not so great to die in.

32 states have been approved to offer $300 extra in unemployment benefits — only 4 have started to distribute it

An executive order President Donald Trump signed Aug. 8 calls for distributing an additional $300 in weekly unemployment benefits from a $44 billion fund set aside for disaster relief.

My sister-in-law moved in with her mother, changed her will and inherited everything. Is it too late to claim what belongs to us?

‘She is a compulsive liar and has not been honest about anything concerning the trust. There is talk about elder abuse.’

Sweden embraced herd immunity, while the U.K. abandoned the idea — so why do they BOTH have high COVID-19 fatality rates?

‘Sweden’s prized herd immunity is nowhere in sight,’ according to the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Google searches for ‘panic attack,’ ‘anxiety attack’ hit all-time high during coronavirus pandemic

Queries appeared to surge in response to social distancing orders and early pandemic milestones.

‘We can get through this’: How to manage your mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff revealed this week that about one-third of the company’s employees had reported experiencing a mental-health issue.

‘A toxic scandal’: Ireland becomes a test case on how NOT to battle COVID-19

Ireland’s EU Commissioner for Trade resigned late Wednesday after reports alleging that he did not abide by the rules of his 14-day quarantine period, in addition to attending an 81-person dinner, also directly contravening government guidelines

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Mortgage rates fall once again — but rising home prices mean that buyers shouldn’t expect savings

Even with interest rates at record lows, someone buying the typical home today will have a larger monthly mortgage payment than they would have if they bought a year ago.

Pending home sales rise in July, but inventory challenges could limit the housing sector

Compared with a year ago, contract signings were up 15.5%.

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Fed adopts new strategy to allow higher inflation and welcome strong labor markets

The Federal Reserve’s interest-rate committee on Thursday announced it has unanimously approved a new strategy seen as leading to an easier monetary policy stance.

Taking the racism out of capitalism isn’t good enough

Woke capitalism, not racial capitalism, is the future, though it will not necessarily be any better for most people of color than its earlier, cruder version.

Opinion: We worry the FDA is under extreme pressure to rush approvals for COVID-19 treatments

The emergency use authorization for investigational convalescent plasma is just the latest example.

Moderna and Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine candidates require ultra-low temperatures, raising questions about storage, distribution

The COVID-19 vaccine candidates being developed by Moderna Inc. and BioNTech and Pfizer Inc. will require stringent standards for refrigeration, and that may hamper how they are distributed to the hundreds of millions of Americans expecting to receive them.

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