Personal Finance Daily: How much reduced unemployment benefits could slash consumer spending and when people with COVID-19 pose the greatest risk of spreading the virus

Personal Finance Daily: How much reduced unemployment benefits could slash consumer spending and when people with COVID-19 pose the greatest risk of spreading the virus

11 Aug    Finance News

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Will a vaccine protect me? Does sunshine help? These are the most widely shared COVID-19 myths and conspiracy theories

Cold weather, snow, sunshine, antibiotics, vitamins and alcohol do NOT protect you from coronavirus. But what about goggles or wearing masks outdoors?

This is when people with COVID-19 are at the greatest risk of spreading the virus

The actual number of coronavirus cases worldwide is likely far higher than 20 million, scientists say.

Dr. Fauci tells Americans to be mindful of these important limitations about any future coronavirus vaccine

‘You must never abandon the public-health approach,’ Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told a live streamed Q&A.

‘Lives could have been saved’: Ireland says people must wear masks in stores to stop COVID-19 — why did it take so long?

Ireland has also recorded one of the highest rates of COVID-related nursing-home deaths in the world, according to a report released in June.

Here’s what Trump’s payroll-tax deferral could mean for your paycheck

The president’s executive order deferred, but didn’t forgive, an employee’s Social Security tax liabilities.

It’s time for a stock market reality check or the next downturn will surprise us all

Be a smarter investor: watch what institutional money managers are doing with their personal portfolios.

Should I have gotten my stimulus check by now? Why some people are still waiting — and what to do about it

Next week, an IRS watchdog agency will help track down stimulus payments for taxpayers facing certain scenarios.

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Coronavirus pandemic is closing Black-owned businesses at an outsized rate — but the next stimulus bill could help

The number of active Black-owned businesses fell 41% from February to April by one count, compared to a 22% overall decline.

Here’s how much a reduction in extra unemployment benefits could slash consumer spending

Such research may help inform the debate between Republican and Democratic lawmakers who continue to clash over federal unemployment benefits.

Trump criticized for looming eviction crisis in new Lincoln Project ad: ‘Very soon now, it’s moving day for 25 million Americans’

The Trump administration argues that the president’s new executive order will put a stop to evictions, but affordable-housing advocates disagree.

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Joe Biden picks Kamala Harris for VP: Here’s how Trump and other politicians are reacting

#BidenHarris2020 (and Maya Rudolph) became the talk of Twitter on Tuesday

As Big Ten cancels its football season because of COVID-19, college sports programs are facing a financial apocalypse

Revenue is disappearing, but debt costs and fat coaching contracts are not.

Here’s how to keep your home, business or classroom safe from COVID-19

The safest indoor space is one that constantly has lots of outside air replacing the stale air inside.

Here’s how Goldman says the S&P 500 would react to more U.S.-China tariffs and why November’s election result is key

Fresh hopes of another stimulus package and signs the pandemic spread may be slowing are set to boost stocks on Tuesday.

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