Personal Finance Daily: Here’s where things stand on the extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits that expired Friday, and why are ‘Karens’ so angry?

Personal Finance Daily: Here’s where things stand on the extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits that expired Friday, and why are ‘Karens’ so angry?

3 Aug    Finance News

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The people who handle racial discrimination complaints in the workplace are divided on how big of a problem it is

A new survey looks into a disconnect among human resource professionals, who are often the first hear reports of discrimination.

Like ‘punching a time clock through your webcam’: How employers are keeping tabs on remote workers during the pandemic

Meanwhile, ‘individuals working in brick-and-mortar establishments have fewer rights; fewer opportunities to express concerns around privacy.’

Here’s where things stand on the extra $600 a week in unemployment benefits that expired on Friday

Democrats are holding firm on the extra $600 a week unemployed Americans received through July 31 as part of the CARES Act. Republicans say the money is akin to paying Americans not to work.

Dr. Fauci recommends wearing goggles to prevent catching the coronavirus

Should you wear eye protection to fend off COVID-19? Here’s what research says so far.

Why are ‘Karens’ so angry?

Some people say memes of white women confronting Black people provide a handle on behaviors born of entitlement and privilege, while others point to misogyny and economic disenfranchisement. What’s behind their rage?

Apple is splitting its stock after a massive quarter — 3 things retail investors should know before they take a bite

A stock split is a financial ‘non-event,’ but it can still play on investors’ emotions, experts say.

I told my unemployed tenant about jobs. He said they don’t pay enough, and sits at home smoking weed. Now he wants a discount. What do I do?

‘Part of me doesn’t want to give him a discount since I work so hard and long hours, and he just hangs around being picky about work. Is that wrong of me?’

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What makes one person more likely than another to believe #fakenews and conspiracy theories about COVID-19?

Myths and misinformation about the coronavirus pandemic serve to politicize a global public-health emergency and distract from potentially life-saving measures, health professionals say.

‘Wrong!’ Trump and Fauci clash over surge in coronavirus cases, handling of economic shutdown — and hydroxychloroquine

Anthony Fauci said the U.S. made mistakes in efforts stop the transmission of coronavirus, but President Trump gave another reason for the rise in cases.

We’d all be better off in business and in life if we followed the teachings of this revered professor

‘How will you measure your life?’ famed educator Clayton Christensen asked. That is the question for this moment, writes Ann Skeet.

Elsewhere on MarketWatch
This chart reveals what matters most as schools announce COVID-19 reopening plans

Is it local health conditions or local politics beliefs?

Fed’s Evans says the power to get the economy going lies with Congress

Chicago Fed President Charles Evans said Monday Congress is in the driver’s seat in policy decisions needed to ensure economic growth in the near term.

Odds are ‘as high as 35%’ that next coronavirus aid package won’t become reality until September, analyst says

As Democrats and Republicans continue their negotiations over another big coronavirus financial aid package, one analyst is cautioning that the next measure may not come together until next month.

Treasury sees $2 trillion in borrowing over the rest of the year

The Treasury Department announced Monday it expects to borrow $2 trillion over the remainder of the year.

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Trump says U.S. government should get a cut of any deal for Chinese-owned TikTok

President Donald Trump on Monday suggested the U.S. government should get part of the proceeds of any sale of Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok, as he also signed an executive order that aims to prevent federal agencies from replacing U.S. workers with overseas staff.

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