Octopus Energy Fuels Energy Tech Revolution with 4,000 New Jobs

Octopus Energy Fuels Energy Tech Revolution with 4,000 New Jobs

11 Mar    Finance News, News

Octopus Energy is set to bolster its services division with the recruitment of 3,000-4,000 new team members this year, aiming to accelerate the deployment of clean energy technology nationwide.

The expanded workforce will encompass various roles, including heat pump engineers, solar and electric vehicle (EV) charger installers, delivery drivers, and operations personnel.

This hiring surge aligns with Octopus Energy’s ongoing efforts to lead the charge in smart home technology adoption and reinforce its workforce to meet the growing demand for heat pumps, solar panels, and EV chargers.

To expedite the recruitment process, Octopus has introduced ‘OctoPalooza’ – the UK’s pioneering same-day hiring festival designed to attract top talent and rapidly expand its services workforce.

These meticulously planned regional job fairs offer aspiring candidates an immersive experience into the company’s vibrant culture, enabling them to undergo hiring assessments and potentially secure employment on the spot.

Octopus plans to host ‘OctoPalooza’ once a month in various locations across the country, anticipating the recruitment of hundreds of engineers at each event.

Since its launch in January, the first three ‘OctoPaloozas’ in Manchester, London, and Peterborough have garnered over 600 prospective candidates, with Octopus hiring nearly 400 new staff members on the same day.

Emphasizing inclusivity, the family-friendly festival provides complimentary food, refreshments, and activities for children, ensuring accessibility for all individuals seeking exciting career opportunities.

Renowned for its outstanding workplace culture, Octopus Energy has been recognised as one of the UK’s ‘Best Places to Work’ by the Sunday Times and Glassdoor. Last year alone, the company received 260,000 job applications for 2,000 positions, with 1,200 individuals joining its services division.

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This hiring spree comes amidst a surge in demand for heat pumps, evidenced by a 39% increase in applications for the heat pump grant compared to the previous year. Octopus Energy boasts a customer base exceeding 100,000 individuals eagerly awaiting heat pump installations.

John Szymik, CEO of Octopus Energy Services, remarked, “OctoPalooza epitomizes our commitment to expediting the recruitment of top talent into sustainable services roles. It’s akin to F1’s pitstop process – accelerating the hiring of exceptional individuals into future-proof careers that accommodate their lifestyles.”

“We’re creating 3,000-4,000 new jobs this year, contributing to the British economy’s growth and fostering prosperity across all regions,” Szymik added.

‘OctoPalooza’ underscores Octopus Energy’s dedication to inclusivity and innovation, providing a dynamic platform for individuals from diverse backgrounds to explore rewarding career prospects within the energy tech sector.

The upcoming ‘OctoPalooza’ events are scheduled to take place in Oxford on March 22nd and Kent on April 10th.

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