O2 Worx secures investment to revolutionise hyperbaric oxygen therapy

O2 Worx secures investment to revolutionise hyperbaric oxygen therapy

4 May    Finance News, Get Funded

O2 Worx, who design and build high quality fully certified hyperbaric oxygen chambers, have secured investment from Linton Investments.

Linton, who have built a diverse portfolio of investments in early-stage businesses, focus on backing exceptional teams and growing value sustainably over the medium to long term.

O2 Worx is one such early-stage business, established in 2021 by Mike Bisset, and this new funding will support the nation-wide rollout of the company’s advanced offering, aimed at establishing O2 Worx as the leading provider of hyperbaric oxygen chambers to health and wellness centres, and sports organisations across the UK.

The 2.1m by 1.9m hard shell chamber uses oxygen as a form of therapy, by exposing patients to >90% oxygen and increased atmospheric pressure, accessible chambers are also available for those who require wheelchair access or have mobility issues.  Hyperbaric oxygen therapy allows more oxygen to be dissolved into the bloodstream, helping to speed up the healing and regeneration process of damaged or injured tissues. Since the company’s formation, it has supported clients across the injury, sports, health, and well-being sectors.

Jonathan Penny, CEO, O2 Worx, states “With 18-years of experience in the medical field, I have witnessed first-hand the benefits that hyperbaric oxygen therapy can offer. At O2 Worx, our mission is fuelled by our commitment to producing high-quality hyperbaric chambers that can help people achieve optimal health and swift recoveries. Providing a full suite of services and a product which is designed and manufactured in the UK, we aim to revolutionise the way people think about healthcare and alternative therapies, promoting the use of oxygen therapy as a safe and highly effective treatment option.”

Richard Smith, Director, Linton Investment adds “Oxygen therapy attracted our interest due to the clear and growing evidence of its application and positive impact across a huge range of health issues, complementing other treatments and accelerating recovery periods. By joining Mike Bisset and his team at O2 Worx, our aim is to ensure that the therapy chambers are accessible to the widest possible array of customers across the country. We are really excited about the hyperbaric chambers O2 Worx is bringing to market. We feel our background in rental businesses will help O2 Worx achieve this.”

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