Nigel Farage: letter from BBC’s chief executive over de-banking story is on the way

Nigel Farage: letter from BBC’s chief executive over de-banking story is on the way

24 Jul    Finance News, News

THE BBC’s chief executive is expected to contact Nigel Farage in writing today over the inaccurate story about him being de-banked by NatWest subsidiary Coutts.

Mr Farage told GB News: “First things first, the BBC: I have actually received this morning an acknowledgment from Tim Davie, the director general, and he says that Deborah Turness, who is the CEO of the BBC, will write to me today.

“So you know that is work in progress. I will wait to get Deborah Turness’ letter in terms of getting to the truth. I’ve also put in a Subject Access Request in to NatWest. Hopefully, I can find out what was said about me at that higher level within the group.

“And the point about that 36-page document is I had to publish it and, by the way, it was full of mis-quotes. It was full of things that have been actually beaten in a libel trial.”

In a discussion with Andrew Pierce and Carole Malone, he continued: “I had to put out that vile information about me. I had to make it public because otherwise I couldn’t counter the briefing that had been done to the BBC.

“So, yes, it’s yet more reputational damage for me and on the legal front all I will say is all options are on the table.”

He added: “ if they can do it to me, they can do it to you. Well read the small print of all the four big banks in Britain. They now have the ability to monitor your social media.

“You say anything online that goes against the bank’s values, they now can close you down. This has got to be fought and fought hard.

“This is the ultimate battle for freedom and individual liberty.”

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