NewsWatch: 3 things to know about Apple’s stock split

NewsWatch: 3 things to know about Apple’s stock split

29 Aug    Finance News

Apple Inc.’s stock price will appear quite a bit lower Monday morning, but investors shouldn’t fret. See full story.

What the Federal Reserve inflation policy means for your retirement savings

Low interest rates can be a blessing or a curse See full story.

These ‘Dividend Aristocrat’ stocks have been raising their dividends for decades, and there have been no dividend cuts during the pandemic

Dozens of other S&P 500 companies, in contrast, have reduced their payouts. See full story.

The assault on Social Security is under way

Pandemic panic is the perfect cover for gutting the program See full story.

Losing the extra $600 unemployment benefit may not have stopped Americans from spending money, J.P. Morgan credit card data shows

‘We see little sign that the benefit expiration has marked a major turning point for the overall economy,’ one J.P. Morgan economist said. See full story.


Some states are great to live in, but not so great to die in. See full story.

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