Neko Health co-founded by Spotify chief executive Daniel Ek raises €60M

Neko Health co-founded by Spotify chief executive Daniel Ek raises €60M

6 Jul    Finance News, Get Funded

A health technology business co-founded by Daniel Ek, the chief executive of Spotify, has raised €60 million to open clinics throughout Europe and Britain that aim to pick up serious diseases early.

Neko Health has developed a body-scanning technology that it is claimed can give patients a full check-up in about ten minutes. Seventy different sensors will search for health issues, monitoring moles, skin changes, body temperature and mapping the cardiovascular system, while a nurse will take blood to look for diseases such as diabetes. Once the scan is completed, underlying problems can be identified and recommendations offered.

The Swedish company already has one early detection centre in Stockholm, charging patients €250 per visit and boasting a waiting list of more than 10,000 people having sold out of slots in less than a couple of hours after it opened.

Hjalmar Nilsonne, 36, started the business with Ek, 40, in 2018. It now has 38 staff members.

Nilsonne, the company’s chief executive, said: “Healthcare costs are spiralling out of control. We believe preventive health will be key to reversing this trend. Doctors today just don’t have enough time or resources to focus on prevention. This leads to many health problems going unnoticed until they get really serious, causing a lot of pain and putting a massive strain on the healthcare system.”

The company points to data from the European Union, which suggests that up to 80 per cent of healthcare needs involve chronic diseases, many of which can be prevented when caught early.

The “series A” funding round involved Lakestar, Atomico and General Catalyst, the venture capital firms, and is the first time the company has brought in external investment.

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