Living with long covid set to be improved with support from new networking platform

Living with long covid set to be improved with support from new networking platform

16 May    Finance News, In Business

Long Covid is a reminder for many people of the lingering after-effects of the pandemic.

The condition remains one that many healthcare practitioners find difficult to identify and treat, rendering sufferers to live with a condition that causes long-term side effects.

People affected by long COVID are now being offered an opportunity to share their experiences in the form of a new networking platform. is a free social community service and has developed ‘Social Beats’, a network for all people affected by long COVID. Social Beats provides the opportunity for users to interact with other people living with the condition, sharing personal experiences and exchanging health information from trusted sources. The platform is the brainchild of BiocommAI, sponsored by InnoMedica and Normax Biomed, the pharma business dedicated to becoming a global market leader in mRNA Vaccine R&D and distributed manufacturing- with the overall goal of emocratizing access to vaccinations globally.

The condition can be, for some, only mildly debilitating. Yet other people living with long Covid can experience anything from the loss of smell to breathlessness, organ damage as well as life-changing mental or emotional symptoms. With proof that networks and communities provide emotional and social support for those living with serious illnesses, Biocomm communities enables patients and their families to connect in a way like never before, to share their experience and knowledge of living with a long-term condition.

Peter A. Jensen, CEO and Chairman of Normax and driving force behind said: “Community is key for anyone dealing with an illness or long-term condition. is a safe space for people affected by long COVID – a platform designed to help people living with the condition to connect with others and to build a better life. We have recognised that long COVID has impacted people in many ways and now is the time to help them by enabling them to connect, learn and share knowledge.”

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