Letters to the Editor: Joe Biden should read the L.A. Times before appointing Eric Garcetti to his Cabinet

Letters to the Editor: Joe Biden should read the L.A. Times before appointing Eric Garcetti to his Cabinet

13 Nov    Finance News
Vice President Joe Biden, joined by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, spoke at a roundtable on clean-technology entrepreneurship in Los Angeles.
Then-Vice President Joe Biden, joined by Mayor Eric Garcetti, speaks at a roundtable on clean technology in Los Angeles in 2015. (Jae C. Hong / Associated Press)

To the editor: Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has not intervened to curb major disruption caused by the region’s wildly overspent subway and rail construction. The mayor of Los Angeles displays cowardice by leaving out the back door of his city-owned mansion to avoid Black Lives Matter protesters. (“Garcetti, facing daunting challenges in L.A., could seek exit in Biden White House,” Nov. 12)

The mayor of Los Angeles does not control budget deficits. The mayor of Los Angeles squirms away from his aide’s sexual harassment scandal. The mayor of Los Angeles lends lip service to solving homelessness.

Perhaps going to Washington to serve in the Biden administration would just facilitate the mayor of Los Angeles’ habit of running away from his problems rather than facing them.

I surely hope President-elect Joe Biden reads the Los Angeles Times before naming his Cabinet appointees.

Toby Horn, Los Angeles


To the editor: The last thing Biden should do is saddle himself with an ineffectual mayor from a West Coast city.

I voted for Garcetti, but sadly he has joined the ranks of big-city mayors who have lost control of the homelessness crisis. This is why red-state America stuck with President Trump.

Every broken window and looted store was a vote for Trump. Every homeless encampment was a vote for Trump, and if Biden wants to be a president for all Americans, he needs to show that he gets it.

Chuck Heinz, West Hills


To the editor: Wow, I think I need smelling salts.

The article says that Garcetti won his mayoral reelection in a “landslide” because he received 81% of the vote. What the article fails to mention is that only 20% of eligible voters actually turned out in that election.

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Let’s get real here: Garcetti’s reelection was hardly a landslide win.

Peter David Harris, Los Angeles

This story originally appeared in Los Angeles Times.

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