Indian Army troops deployed near China border to get their own weather app

Indian Army troops deployed near China border to get their own weather app

Indian Army troops deployed along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh will soon have an app which will provide detailed weather projections.

Next week (May 19, 2023), the `Anuman’ app will be launched by the Indian Army in New Delhi by the Indian Army vice chief Lt Gen MV Suchindra Kumar.

This app for the Indian Army troops has been developed in collaboration with National Centre for Medium range Weather Forecasting (NCMRWF) and last year in November both sides had signed a MoU.

Details about the MoU

For collection of observations along the Northern Borders, the Indian Army will provide all its support to NCMRWF. And this body in the future will provide customized products to the army for higher resolution weather forecasts which will help its troops and other components along the borders with China.

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Why is this important?

According to a senior Indian Army officer this collaboration is important since these weather inputs are very critical for the Commanders on the ground and it will help them plan their operations and carry them out. On a regular basis NCMRWF shares its data with the Artillery Units to “temper its weapon platforms before firing projectiles through the earth’s atmosphere.” And with the help of these inputs the Arty units have been able to fire more accurately.

‘Year of Transformation’

Earlier in January the Indian army Chief Gen Manoj Pande had announced that this is the year of transformation for the army. And in line with this the army has been focusing on various technology projects that will make it future battle ready. These projects include: Project Avagat, Project Indra, Battlefield Surveillance System, Situational Awareness Module for the Army, Situational Reporting Over Enterprise-Class GIS Platform (E-Sitrep), among others. And to bring in a “quantum jump” in the force’s capabilities, these projects for the army are meant to “reshape and re-engineer” the functional processes.

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What is Automation of the Army?

A senior officer says that this is a continuous process and it keeps evolving with the technology. In fact, with the aim of simplifying systems, and to enhance operational efficiency several secure automation projects for the army are underway which will help to increase its digital footprints. These will also help the army in Human resource Management; Logistics; Medical Services and other administrative functions.

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