Inbetweeners actor, James Buckley becomes first UK person to make over $1 million from Cameo

Inbetweeners actor, James Buckley becomes first UK person to make over $1 million from Cameo

5 Oct    Finance News

The Inbetweeners actor, James Buckley has become the first person in the UK to make over $1 million (£890,000) from Cameo.

Cameo is a popular app which allows ordinary users to request and pay for personalised messages from their favourite celebrities.

The app has proved to be a particularly successful side hustle for actors and comedians, with James Buckley claiming that it has given him the “financial freedom” to pursue his passion projects.

With this in mind, Business Name Generator has revealed the names of five more stars who have made massive amounts of money using the Cameo app.

Brian Baumgartner

You may know Brian Baumgartner (pictured far left) better as Kevin Malone from The Office (US), but the actor is also one of Cameo’s biggest earners.

The comedy actor was the first celebrity to pass the $1 million mark on Cameo – a feat he achieved in November 2021.

Carole Baskin

After becoming famous on Netflix’s hit documentary, The Tiger King, animal rights activist Carole Baskin has continued to make a roar on Cameo.

Baskin made $20,000 (£17,762) on her first day on Cameo alone, as fans lapped up her ‘cool cats and kittens’ Cameo content.

Lindsay Lohan

Cameo has had no problem attracting Hollywood names to its platform, as Mean Girls actress, Lindsay Lohan proved when she got involved with the app in March 2020.

Lohan has been known to deliver classic lines of dialogue from her movie history, however, her personalised video messages fetch a high fee, with prices set at £450.

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Rhys James

Possibly aiming to follow the path of James Buckley, Mock the Week‘s Rhy James is out there proving that Cameo can be a successful side hustle for people in the UK.

While the stand-up comic has no problem making audiences laugh, the prices of his personalised message videos are anything but funny at £900 a go.

Floyd Mayweather

One of the heavyweights of the Cameo app, Mayweather punched the high numbers by setting his prices as high as $15,000 (£13,293) per video.

Personalised messages from the world champion boxer are currently only available for business videos, plus it costs users £45 just to message with a request.

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