How to repurpose your website to accommodate special occasions

How to repurpose your website to accommodate special occasions

29 Dec    Business, Finance News

Websites can often work best when they’re dynamic, and constantly adapting to suit the wants, needs, and interests of their visitors.

Whether you’re looking to adapt your pages to accommodate the holiday season, or are simply aiming to celebrate an on-site offer to celebrate the anniversary of your business being established, it can truly pay to repurpose your website during special events.

If you’re an eCommerce store, creating seasonal promotions catering to special events can make a massive difference in conversion rate optimization (CRO), and most businesses look to utilize some form of marketing strategy to help generate some form of awareness among visitors and leads alike.

But are you really maximizing your sales potential by announcing an event if your website looks as though nothing has changed? Optimizing your website to show visitors that you’re excited about a seasonal event, special anniversary or other major occasion that’s relevant to your industry can help to generate excitement, engagement, and sales.

Although Powered Template is best known as a major online resource for pre-designed presentation elements, it also offers a broad range of clip arts, backgrounds, patterns, icons, and illustrations that can be adopted for use on your website.

With more than 3,000 professionally designed graphics available on Powered Template, let’s take a deeper look at how these resources can be used to convert your website into an engaging and special place for visitors to discover event-specific promotions:

Giving Your Pages a Seasonal Makeover with Powered Template

The massive selection that Powered Template offers users has the potential to completely makeover a website to suit any event.

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By using the platform’s intuitive menu, it’s possible to select from a wide range of specialist pre-prepared designs. As we can see, there are more than 1,100 designs to choose from that have the potential to transform websites and decorate them in anticipation of just about any special occasion.

As we can see from the selection, Powered Template offers customized clip arts, and Instagram-themed icons themed across a range of topics–pictured here are summer and traveling-themed icons.

Powered Template makes it easy for users to discover new designs that suit their needs, and the platform features a number of assets that are both entirely free to use or covered by premium subscriptions. Premium designs are denoted by the red thumbnail to the bottom-right of a selection featuring a crown.

There’s also a handy star rating system in play that invites users to rate their downloads out of five stars.

Let’s say that you’re looking to repurpose your website design to accommodate a Halloween theme. Within Powered Template’s graphics resources, we can see that a user has created an abstract vector design that could be utilized as a strong and subtle background for your pages.

Powered Template provides a broad range of information surrounding a potential design to download. For graphics, this can include the image resolution, its DPI, and compatible software in which to use the design.

As we can see, it’s also possible to download Halloween-themed web elements to help your website get into the seasonal spirit.

When it comes to Powered Template’s graphic elements, all downloads can be edited in any way the owner sees fit when they hold a subscription with the platform. If you download one of Powered Template’s many free design options, you’re completely free to edit your content just so long as you add an attribution to the website.

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Downloading Your Content

Once you’re decided which design you would like to use, clicking to download your content will present you with one of two options.

For free-to-use content, you’ll be presented with the choice of either downloading your asset for free with an attribution attached, or access your design without an attribution by using a premium subscription.

If you’re a registered premium subscriber, you can instantly download your assets without any further prompt, but if you’re yet to sign up for premium content you’ll be presented with Powered Template’s price list.

The beauty of Powered Template, aside from its sprawling range of alluring and engaging content, is its excellent levels of flexibility for its users.

Users have a choice of five fundamental subscription plans, with many possessing their own varied tiers. The most popular option for Powered Template subscribers is a standard subscription, which starts at $9.95 per month. But in a more innovative move, the platform also offers users the opportunity to purchase content on an on-demand basis. This means that you can pay up front for either 5, 10, 25, or 50 downloads which can be redeemed over the course of a year.

Powered Template also offers a range of team and enterprise options which can be customized to suit your organizational needs.

Getting into the holiday spirit or celebrating an industry-specific event doesn’t have to be time-consuming and costly. With Powered Template’s range of website ready assets, it’s easy to repurpose your site to excite visitors and grow your CRO strategy.

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