How Mojo App helps Companies to reach Customers through Instagram Reels

How Mojo App helps Companies to reach Customers through Instagram Reels

13 Jan    Business, Finance News

Marketing online is, in some ways, easier than the traditional one, as there are so many channels available to do so.

However, competition is much more ferocious, since the whole world benefits from the same possibilities. Therefore, having an ace up your sleeves, is always useful when you do online campaigns. In the world of social media, it is safe to say that Mojo App can be considered as one of these. Here is how it is helping companies create great Reels for their customers and prospects on Instagram.

Why are Instagram Reels Important to Companies?

A company that wants to gain market shares, in 2023, never sleeps. Why should it, when they have the possibility to be open 24/7, online? You don’t need to have an employee available at all time to be busy on the internet. Posting an Instagram Reels can do the job for you. According to a study by Social Inside, Instagram Reels are the perfect go-to type for viral content, thanks to their incredible reach rate. It means that the video the company posts during working hours, will continue to do the job by itself for hours, days and even weeks, sometimes. That is the real power of Instagram Reels: If they are done well, they can crate continuous visibility for days and days.

However, they need to be prepared professionally. And to do so, companies need to use the right tools. Everyone can go on Instagram and create Reels by themselves, using the options made available by the app. In fact, that is one of the main problems for brands: How do you create better posts than adolescents who have been doing that since they were born? Mojo App is certainly part of that solution. Since kids like to do things rapidly, they will use the basic options on the app, and post as is. That is exactly what companies should not do. Instead, they need to use Mojo App, in order to make their Reels a notch higher than their competitors, in terms of quality.

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What does Mojo App bring to the Table?

Companies that decide to use Instagram Reels as a marketing tool, need to learn all there is to it. They can do so through the articles that they will find on Mojo App. Questions such as “How long can Instagram Reels be?” will be answered, so that marketing manager can truly benefit from Reels, by using all the options available to them. And when they start creating, that is where they will truly enjoy the full capacities that the app offers them.

It starts with using background templates created by Mojo App. One of the biggest issues that a creator of content has, is initiating it. When you have to prepare online posts every day, you can lack imagination, sometimes. By using Instagram Reels background templates, you immediately position the base, so that you can continue adding elements afterwards, until it is perfect. You don’t waste time wondering how to start, anymore.

When that is done, the first step is to decide how long will the reel be. On Instagram, the default time is 15 seconds. However, the creator can also choose between 30, 60 and 90 seconds. Of course, it will depend on the video that the company is planning to use. In that regards, companies should focus their attention on the first eight seconds of the clip, since this is the average attention span of viewers on Instagram.

The next step is to add effects, which there are lots of options on the Mojo App. This is a crucial part of the creation process, since close to 85% of the videos placed on social media are played without sound. Therefore, companies need to catch the attention of viewers visually. By adding stickers, texts and filters, they have the power to stop the Instagram user on their reel, for at least a few seconds more. That doesn’t mean that the sound should be neglected. If someone puts it on, while watching, it has to be of professional grade. Another reason to use the right tool, when it comes to creating Instagram Reels.

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In conclusion, let’s insist that no content can be amazing without an interesting concept. However, no app can do that for you. Also, marketing managers need to benefit from the few seconds that they have their public’s attention, in order to call them to act. But this is easily done through one of the effects on Mojo App.

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