Gravity Launches New Roguelike Game ‘Wetory’ in Early Access

Gravity Launches New Roguelike Game ‘Wetory’ in Early Access

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A journey to retrieve stolen colors from the villain, early access opened on Steam and Stove Indie

Provides comprehensive gameplay experience through system improvement and additional item update before game launch

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SEOUL, South Korea — Gravity (NASDAQ: GRVY), a global game company, launched its early access version of Wetory, a new roguelike game, on Steam and Stove Indie at noon on the 20th.

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Wetory, a roguelike game, is a journey to retrieve the stolen colors from the villain. The skill tree consisting of different characteristics by color, simple game control and solid strategies add to the fun of the game.

Recognized for its originality and uniqueness, Wetory was selected among the top 10 indie games of Gamescom in 2022 and as the finalist in the global indie game category at the Tokyo Game Show 2022. In addition, it is drawing attention across the globe by winning the popularity award at the BIGS (Banggusuk Indie Game Show) for two consecutive years.

In the early access version of Wetory, all stages of the game can be played, and user convenience has been improved with a total of 17 languages including Korean and English available. In addition, Gravity plans to provide users with a comprehensive gameplay experience through system improvement and additional item updates before the game launch.

Gravity Business Team Manager Yoo Jun said, “Wetory is an original title with a strong identity. Users will enjoy playing it, with its uniqueness that stands out from other games. Users are recommended to try the early access version before the launch of the official game as it offers most of the game systems. We ask for users’ continuous interests now that the official game is scheduled to release in October.”

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Details on Wetory early access can be found on Wetory Official on Steam and Stove Indie. Inquiries for game publishing are received through email (

Wetory Official on Steam:
Wetory Official on Stove Indie:

About Gravity

Gravity Co., Ltd is a Korean game company established in April 2000 and a global game company listed on NASDAQ (GRVY). As of June 30, 2021, Ragnarok IP, Gravity’s representative IP, surpassed the 120 million global accounts. Based on collaboration among its headquarter, subsidiaries, and overseas branches, Gravity is building its global awareness and influence by engaging in a global publishing business that discovers and distributes games of various platforms and genres, including Ragnarok IP games. The company is expediting its content business by developing various goods for Ragnarok, expanding into the animation, IPTV, and webtoon fields, and promoting various brand collaborations.

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