German Finance Minister Questions Gas Levy’s Rationale

German Finance Minister Questions Gas Levy’s Rationale

25 Sep    Finance News, Physics

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German Finance Minister Christian Lindner criticized the gas levy planned to help the country stave off a collapse of its energy sector.

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Lindner told Bild am Sonntag that he’s less concerned about the legal aspects of the plan that have stoked controversy in Germany, than about its economic rationale. 

“We have a gas levy that increases the price. But we need a gas price brake that lowers the price,” said Lindner, a fiscal hawk who leads the business-friendly Free Democrats. 

He also said Germany should stick to its debt brake despite huge costs now being incurred to stabilize its energy sector, including a costly bailout of gas importer Uniper SE. 

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The gas levy has become a flashpoint since it was floated in August by Robert Habeck, Germany’s economy minister and a member of the Greens. 

The measure, due to take effect on Oct. 1, is designed to compensate utilities for soaring wholesale energy prices by charging consumers a fee. The measure was originally criticized for being too loosely defined, allowing unaffected companies to apply for funds. Habeck has sought to close loopholes to shut out “freeloaders.” 

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