Generative AI Company Haut.AI Raises €2 Million to Expand in Skincare B2B SaaS

Generative AI Company Haut.AI Raises €2 Million to Expand in Skincare B2B SaaS

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TALLINN, Estonia — Haut.AI, a European generative AI leader in beauty and skincare tools like SkinGPT, has secured €2 million in seed funding from LongeVC and the VC arm of Grupo Boticário shareholders. The fundraising will support Haut.AI in expanding and scaling its no-code skincare e-commerce personalization software, and R&D will focus on multimodal generative AI for skin analysis.

Anastasia Georgievskaya, CEO and co-founder of Haut.AI, shared, “Using innovative AI, we’ve made a selfie a potent diagnostic tool for online businesses, followed by a personalized product journey. It’s not just about recommendations; it’s a precise skincare analysis ensuring everyone can be served, regardless of age, gender, or location.”

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Garri Zmudze of LongeVC said, “Haut.AI’s cutting-edge tech will underpin the next generation of skin health, from early detection to diagnostics to personalized care. As they advance, anticipate game-changing solutions that tackle real skin challenges. They are pioneering the use of AI for the health of our skin and bringing it to more customers worldwide.”

Paulo Braga from Grupo Boticário’s shareholders’ VC arm added, “In Haut.AI, we see not just a startup but the future of skin wellness. Anastasia and her team have a compelling vision and the technology to back it. The way people buy cosmetics online today is similar to the experience of buying electronics or books but the customer journey is far from being equal. We’re excited to be part of it.”

Haut.AI is a leader in online skincare analysis, as proven by its top-tier partners like Beiersdorf and Ulta Beauty, the largest beauty retailer in the United States. Its technology, rooted in scientific precision, enables retailers and brands to provide accurate digital skin assessments and tailored product suggestions, both in-store and online.

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The company’s vast skin imaging database ensures AI and skincare intelligence that is fair and unbiased. Their early adoption of generative AI technologies, such as GANs, has solidified their position in high-quality synthetic data generation. In 2023, they announced SkinGPT, a transformative virtual skincare try-on, and continue to use GenAI to maintain their ethical AI pledge.

In other recent developments, Haut.AI joined the Pegasus Program and introduced industry experts Peter Diamandis and Nicola Bell to its Board of Advisors. Haut.AI will announce more products and partnerships soon.

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