F28: Reviewing the new Premium Rum set for a London Takeover 

F28: Reviewing the new Premium Rum set for a London Takeover 

24 Mar    Business, Finance News

The Great British night out is effectively a tradition within the UK, and alcohol is often the star of the show.

From beer to liqueurs and everything in between, drinking is one of the top social events for Brits, young and old. Music producer Fumez the Engineer has created a new drink to add to the mix in the form of his premium rum brand F28. With two flavours on the shelves and the launch of a pineapple flavouring soon, it may be tough to know which one is for you! Well, I’m here to assist with this process and give a rundown of all three.


The F28 brand takes inspiration from Caribbean flavours and adds a modern twist. For those who have a taste for the traditional, however, F28’s Blanco rum provides that and some. As pure and unflavoured, Blanco’s sweetness creates no distraction and produces a perfect blend when added to a cocktail or mixer. Ranging from margaritas to rum and coke, Blanco will be the ideal companion whatever your choice. If you feel particularly wild, you can always sample the Blanco range in a knockback shot.

Salted Caramel

The Salted Caramel F28 flavour is smooth and sweet, ideal for sipping or adding to a tonic. This tipple takes an original rum backdrop, and infuses it with the rich sweetness of caramel, sprinkling it with a tinge of salt for good measure. This warms the body through, creating the perfect winter warmer and much-needed sweet treat. There is no need for dessert when you have this rum close at hand.

Pineapple (Coming Soon!)

After the impressive launch of the two original flavours, it only made sense to add another rum to the family. Next on the list is the pineapple, and its flavourings are quite literally in the name! And who doesn’t love the sweet summery taste of this fruit? When blended into an alcoholic beverage, what more can you ask? Without having had the chance to taste it, one can only imagine the sharpness of the pineapple blended with the zing of alcohol.

The F28 brand is set to be a household classic. In a sleek, thin-necked bottle, this drink is affordably priced at £29.99. An easy-to-navigate website allows visitors to order with ease, and enjoy images from the launch party, where happy consumers enjoyed F28 in Nottingham’s sky bar. If you want to keep up on the news (most vitally new releases) then you can subscribe with your email address or contact the team. Great taste and effortless service are all you can ask for when it comes to an alcoholic drink.

Appreciating that this review may have made it even more arduous to choose which F28 rum to opt for, you could splash out and try both, then eventually all three when the pineapple flavour hits the market. Success is not new to Fumez. Musical collaborations with A-lister artists, a much-viewed Youtube series plugged in, and two albums show his determination. Therefore, we only expect the best from this new entrepreneurial pursuit: it’s all in the taste, and this is confirmed to be a sure winner.

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