Exploring Limitless Horizons: Storm International’s Journey

Exploring Limitless Horizons: Storm International’s Journey

25 Jan    Business, Finance News

In the current age of innovative technologies, the world of gambling entertainment is becoming more and more accessible to the average user.

It’s no secret that for even more gambling fans to be able to spend their leisure time playing in land-based gambling houses in the future, legislators in each country should take a more serious approach to the issue of legalising gambling. And believe me, everyone will benefit from this. Gamblers will gain confidence that the gaming process will proceed transparently and safely, and the state treasury, in turn, will be able to be replenished with additional cash injections, which will be paid by gambling operators for obtaining an official license.

A long-time leader in the field of gambling and entertainment, Storm International is ready in the future for mutually beneficial cooperation in any country in the world where gambling is legal. The company is ready to introduce its luxurious and vibrant land-based gambling establishments to new users in any country in the world. What has the brand achieved in 2023 and what can we expect from it in the next year? Let’s sort things out in order.

Without the past, there is no future. “Modern innovative decisions of the company’s management both last year and in the future will determine the most successful development of the company,” Darren Keane, Storm International CEO, responsibly stated in a conversation with us. The top event of 2023 in the life of the company is the long-awaited opening of a new gaming complex of the Shangri La network in the popular resort city of Georgia – Batumi.

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Despite some troubles that plagued this project, the luxurious Shangri La Batumi casino was put into operation on time. The launch of a super modern branded gambling house was the result of the well-coordinated work of the brand’s professional team. Traditionally, the Armenian branch of the brand, the luxurious Shangri La Casino Yerevan, holds a leading position. The close-knit team of this casino did a titanic job. This allowed the gambling house to prosper throughout the year. Local gambling fans are looking forward to 2024 with great hopes.

The brand has planned the implementation of a new, fantastic project for this year: an elite 5-star hotel and a new royal casino chain are being built in the capital of Armenia. Storm International continues its expansion to the delight of many casino gaming fans. The results demonstrated in 2023 by two luxury casinos, Shangri La Minsk and Shangri La Tbilisi, also deserve all kinds of rave reviews. The flow of players in these cities has increased significantly. It is worth highlighting the work and impressive results of the company’s virtual project – the mega-promoted online casino Shangri La Live, whose attendance is growing exponentially. Thanks to new creative ideas and brand plans for 2024, the online platform will continue its rapid growth.

 The evolution of a legendary brand. For more than 30 years, Storm International has conquered the fickle and unstable world of gambling and entertainment step by step. Darren Keane said that 2023 also became a difficult test for the company, from which the brand team emerged with dignity and heads held high. The company’s ability to adapt and implement various types of innovative solutions will be the key to its success in the new year 2024. The brand team is ready to defend its leading position in the global gambling market in 2024.

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