Cybersecurity and AI: How Microsoft meets a changing tech landscape

Cybersecurity and AI: How Microsoft meets a changing tech landscape

Upgrade your computer with Windows 11 Pro for $34

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There are few names more recognizable than Microsoft, and not just in the tech world. For decades, Microsoft has been a leader in personal and professional computing, from the Windows operating system to the versatile Microsoft Office suite.

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Microsoft’s products continue to evolve with a changing technological landscape, particularly their flagship Windows Operating System (OS).

How many people use Microsoft?

Microsoft’s reach is extensive. More than one billion people worldwide use Microsoft Office or a related product. As Microsoft has moved on from Microsoft Office to the subscription-based Microsoft 365, they’ve still left behind functional and cost-effective productivity software like Microsoft Office 2021, which still has lifetime licenses available through third-party vendors.

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Software suites like Microsoft Office are hugely popular among businesses. If you’re in the professional world, there’s a strong chance you’ve used Excel because, by recent estimates, 54 per cent of businesses use Excel.

Perhaps the most impressive metric to measure Microsoft’s reach is the ubiquity of the Windows Operating System with a market share of 72 per cent.

The widespread adoption of Microsoft’s offerings underscores its versatility and reliability. Countless individuals use Microsoft Office for personal projects, and many enterprises deploy a Windows operating system across their networks.

As such, Windows 11 Pro may be poised for a significant rise in popularity because it marks a major improvement in cybersecurity, basic functionality and overall enhanced productivity.

What’s different in Windows 11 Pro 

Windows 11 Pro is the latest iteration of Microsoft’s core OS released in 2021. Windows 11 Pro builds upon the success of Windows 10 and introduces a variety of new enhancements for security and productivity.

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Cyber threats are a concern for businesses and individuals, with 480 thousand cyber-attacks occurring in 2022 and 64 per cent of companies experiencing web-based attacks.

However, Windows 11 Pro was designed with an expanded suite of security tools, including BitLocker device encryption, support for Biometric login, Smart App Control, improved antivirus defences and TPM 2.0.

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While no cybersecurity software can claim 100 per cent protection from cyber threats, Windows 11 Pro is a capable toolset to have at your disposal, and security isn’t the only area it shines.

Microsoft Copilot is an AI assistant chatbot, image generator, and all-around versatile tool integrated with Windows 11 Pro, 11 Home, and 10 Pro. You can use Copilot to learn more about your computer, to generate content, or you can use it within Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office apps like Word.

Copilot is accessible through an icon in the Windows 11 Pro taskbar, and you can refine every answer to be more creative, more precise, or a balance of the two.

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Functionally, it’s like a ChatGPT that knows everything about your computer, so it could help with troubleshooting, finding functions without needing to navigate, and more, and you don’t need to go into a web browser to do it.

Is Windows 11 Pro worth it?

For users seeking a powerful and efficient operating system with expanded cybersecurity tools and AI integration, Windows 11 Pro is a compelling option and a capable followup to earlier OS.

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The streamlined interface is an improvement both in terms of aesthetics and usability, and the security improvements march in line with the increasing frequency in cyber crime.

At its base price, Windows 11 Pro may be a tough sell for users who already have Windows 11 Home or Windows 10 Pro. However, Financial Post readers can take advantage of a limited-time sale and get lifetime access to Windows 11 Pro at the reduced price of $34.00.

What: Sale
When: May 23-31 at 11:59 PM Pacific
Price: $34.00
Where to buy: Microsoft Windows 11 Pro

Prices subject to change.

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