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Jun 18

Australia Holds Key Rate, Will Be ‘Vigilant’ on Inflation

Breadcrumb Trail Links PMN Business Australia’s central bank kept interest rates at a 12-year high and highlighted that inflation is proving sticky, suggesting it will be some time before policymakers are ready to signal easing. Author of the article: Bloomberg News Swati Pandey Published Jun 18, 2024  •  3 minute read 0fvy2kn2h0awrh[[}ejv[sz)_media_dl_1.png ABS, UK Office […]
Jun 14

As Celestial Tourism Grows, Finnair Adds Midnight Sun Flights to Bodø

Article content (Bloomberg) — The sky is calling. With the total solar eclipse in North America, geomagnetic storms making the northern lights visible in unexpected US locations from Alabama to California, plus an aurora borealis that’s predicted to be at its most active now until 2026, travelers are increasingly taking inspiration from what feel like once-in-a-lifetime natural phenomena. Some […]
Jun 12

Britain’s ‘Quiet Quitters’ Are Costing the Economy £257 Billion

Breadcrumb Trail Links PMN Business The UK economy lost more than £257 billion ($327 billion) in potential output because of demotivated workers last year, adding to a productivity crisis that’s left the country falling behind other wealthy nations. Author of the article: Bloomberg News Irina Anghel Published Jun 12, 2024  •  3 minute read tqb2hct0r9sc886fk2lhnkid_media_dl_1.png […]
Jun 10

Modi Chooses Old Faces in Cabinet as Key Finance Post Awaited

Breadcrumb Trail Links PMN Business Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s new cabinet will see the return of several old faces from his earlier administration, although there’s no clarity on the positions they’ll hold, including the key finance post. Author of the article: Bloomberg News Ruchi Bhatia, Shruti Srivastava and Swati Gupta Published Jun 10, 2024 […]
Jun 8

Fed Dot Plot Is Set to Offer Glimpse of Rate-Cut Resolve

Breadcrumb Trail Links PMN Business Investors may glean more on the Federal Reserve’s resolve to ease monetary policy when US policymakers update their forecasts for interest rates Wednesday for the first time in three months. Author of the article: Bloomberg News Steve Matthews and Craig Stirling Published Jun 08, 2024  •  7 minute read mpr75foo3lp[4k7yyujwsr53_media_dl_1.png […]
Jun 8

Great Bank Asset Sale Is a Boon for Bond Market: Credit Weekly

Breadcrumb Trail Links PMN Business Banks are dumping assets and many of them are turning to a booming sector of the bond market to do so. Author of the article: Bloomberg News Immanual John Milton, Dan Wilchins and Abhinav Ramnarayan Published Jun 08, 2024  •  5 minute read s}}e5nc8s[a3ep8mpd8o0lnk_media_dl_1.png Bloomberg News analysis of JPMor Article […]
Jun 6

Taiwan Central Bank Signals Inflation Now a Fading Worry

Article content (Bloomberg) — Taiwan central bank Governor Yang Chin-long indicated inflation is becoming less of a concern for the island’s economy, comments that come a week before a key decision on rates. “CPI, core CPI, important staples prices and commonly purchased items prices are gradually falling,” Yang told lawmakers during a regular question-and-answer session […]