Bloomberg Green: Dirty Mining drives the Climate Revolution

Bloomberg Green: Dirty Mining drives the Climate Revolution

27 May    Finance News

Mining is responsible for more than 7% of global emissions — but the metals that it produces are at the very core of the green transition. So how do we get what we need to power the climate revolution without scarring the Earth? In this episode of Bloomberg Green, we take a look at how to clean up the mining industry –from replacing old machinery to the moonshots that could revolutionize the process of collecting raw materials. After the Royal Society of Chemistry’s groundbreaking report on mining e-waste, we speak to Professor Michael Davies about why we should move to a more circular economy. The University of Oxford’s Jon Blundy talks to us about extracting minerals from volcanoes. Plus: how long will it be until humans are able to make sci-fi a reality and take mining to space? ——–
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