Bagel and Filecoin Foundation Collaborate to Support Decentralized AI Development

Bagel and Filecoin Foundation Collaborate to Support Decentralized AI Development

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Bagel’s GPU Restaking™ will make decentralized AI as efficient and cost-effective as centralized AI infrastructure

TORONTO — Bagel, an AI and cryptography research lab, today announced its collaboration with Filecoin Foundation, an organization supporting the governance, development, and growth of the Filecoin ecosystem. This collaboration allows AI developers to train and store their models using the compute and storage power of the Filecoin network through GPU Restaking™ technology of Bagel. Previously, Filecoin storage providers (SPs) were limited to a binary choice between providing their resources to either storage or compute networks, restricting the capacity of the protocol to service AI developers. Bagel has pioneered GPU Restaking™, a decentralized compute network aggregator, which will revolutionize the way Filecoin SPs operate, enabling them to utilize both their storage and computational resources through Bagel’s decentralized machine learning (ML) platform.

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Using Bagel’s ML platform, AI developers can access the Filecoin storage provider network to manage vast AI workloads. Meanwhile, Filecoin storage providers will be able to dynamically allocate GPUs to the most profitable computer networks. Through this collaboration between Bagel and Filecoin Foundation, AI developers can train their models where their data is, reducing the overhead of AI workloads on decentralized networks. Moreover, it addresses the critical challenge of data storage and retrieval, offering AI developers unprecedented flexibility and efficiency. Bagel is now one of the leading DePIN projects in the AI space, marking a pivotal moment for decentralized artificial intelligence.

Integrating Bagel brings a range of compelling benefits for Filecoin SPs:

  • Increased revenue through the monetization of both storage and compute resources.
  • Efficient compute resource utilization driven by Bagel’s dynamic routing capabilities.
  • Accelerated adoption by providing a comprehensive solution for storing and processing ML workloads.
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The last year has seen a marked increase in the interest in the intersection of Web3 and AI. A February 2024 report by TenSquared found that as of the end of 2023, more than 6.9k blockchain+AI related Github repositories and more than 539k Github pull requests had been created. The integration of Bagel and the Filecoin network will provide the infrastructural backbone to service this growing industry.

“The future of AI is decentralized, open source and credibly neutral. As the leading decentralized infrastructure provider, the Filecoin network is ideal for Bagel to make decentralized machine learning possible by optimizing AI workload latency,” said Bidhan Roy, Founder and CEO of

“We’re delighted Bagel Network is taking advantage of Filecoin’s unique qualities to advance the frontier of decentralized AI,” said Danny O’Brien, Senior Fellow, Filecoin Foundation. “Filecoin’s decentralized storage solutions and Bagel’s cutting-edge compute network aggregator offer a robust and efficient platform for hosting and processing AI workloads. This collaboration demonstrates Filecoin is a key primitive in the rapidly evolving AI and Web3 landscape, driving innovation and providing value to the Filecoin network’s storage providers and users.”

Bagel will begin officially testing its beta with Filecoin storage providers on July 17, 2024. Users can sign up for early access here.

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About Bagel

We are a deep research lab pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in machine learning through cryptography. Building a peer-to-peer, credibly neutral machine learning ecosystem. Learn more about our research here.

About Filecoin Foundation

Filecoin Foundation’s mission is to preserve humanity’s most important information, as well as to facilitate the open source governance of the Filecoin network, fund research and development projects for decentralized technologies, and support the growth of the Filecoin ecosystem and community.

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